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So Zacharie is 14 months old now. And according to the developmental chart from WHO by 14 months they should say a few words. And be learning more at least once a week... By 15 months, if no words you are supposed to consult the pediatrician.
He has said no words! Sure he says the atypical momma, dadda, nana (for his nana and banana), and gapa (grandpa), but nothing else. Should I be concerned?? Hard not to be, we can sure work ourselves up about the smallest thing...


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Mandie - posted on 02/13/2011




i guess it would be elimination communication, but maybe more of a mixture. i am not pushing him to potty train, but i noticed a couple of months ago that when he was naked, he always made sure he would pee on the floor, and he had a method of grabbing himself to stimulate the process. so i decided to put him on the potty and he repeated the process. now any given time i ask him if he wants to go to the potty he runs to the bathroom and you can see the physical effort, even if he doesn't go every time. i don't expect dry diapers, he just has fun getting praised for what he does. with my first 2 children, i was caught up in the hype of "if they aren't doing this by a certain age, they aren't as smart" and i feel i wasted a lot of time trying to push advancements instead of enjoying each step. and please do not think that i am bragging that he will use the potty, there is plenty he won't do, like EVER listen to "no". i was just trying to use an example that not verbalizing at that age doesn't mean there is something wrong. with my second child, i had people telling me that he should see a speech therapist when he was 2. i ignored that, because i knew he was very shy, and putting him in the spotlight would only deter him. now he is 5, speaks very well, and is exceeding in school. overall i am just trying to say that each child figures out every detail in their own time, so don't worry about what standards other people have set. enjoy your baby and believe me, in no time he'll be talking to you in complete sentences and you'll wonder where that baby went, lol

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How awesome that he is showing that understanding to communication, Mandie... Are you guys doing elimination communication or just starting to potty train?

Mandie - posted on 02/11/2011




i agree, everyone is so hyped at announcing what their child can do at an early age, but we don't hear what they can't do. most children that crawl/walk early start to talk later, and the most important part is seeing that they understand. my 15mo boy doesn't say more than the first few "mama, dada" etc, but goes pee in the potty when told to. he also will get a shirt, pants and do little things when told. having three older children that never stop talking has granted me the patience to wait, lol

Janice - posted on 02/10/2011




I said I would repost -so when I told my daughter's ped. that Im concerned that my daughter only has 4-5 words she looked at me like I was crazy. Basically if they are understanding what you are saying and have a couple of words they are fine. I think it is just hard for Mama's to have normally developing children when everyone wants boast about what their kid can do. I know for me, I talked really well at my daughter's age and so I expect the same from her. Also I know 4 other babies who are 2 mo. or less older and they all seem to have more words. But really your son is fine and so is my LO.
But believe me if she doesn't "explode" with word this summer, I'm calling a speech therapist ;)

Lisa - posted on 02/10/2011




lucky u!! hahaha my son is just comin up 15 months and all he says is buba!!! im worried but kjust going to wait see how he goes, also he is trying to say uh oh but he doesnt say it very well, id say that ur son is right on track, my son however is bein watched by the health visitor and myself! we are worried but can only wait and see how he gets on. i would love my son to say muma or dada (altho he says dada sum times) but he will not say anything else altho i am pretty confident he understands wot im saying to him. i wouldnt worry too much my son is older and saying less lol just watch him :)

[deleted account]

I found that my daughter does it bouts. She'll say a word all the time one day then act like she can't say it the next. Heck mine can't even say banana or grandpa in any form yet (which I find funny, banana's are her favorite food and grandpa is a favorite person).

He might be saying words that you just aren't recognizing as words.

My daughter might talk at lot but she just learned to walk 2 weeks ago at 14 months. He might just be interested in other things. No child will learn to throw a ball (another thing that is supposed to be by 15 months) if there isn't one to throw.

Amy - posted on 02/10/2011




Don't be concerned yet. Keep working with him to see if he'll talk more, boys tend to talk later than girls. My son 2 1/2 years old is JUST starting to talk in sentenses (and his little cuz who's a year younger is talking just as much as him if not more).

One thing we found was helpfull is teaching him a few baby sign language signals, his cuz was learning it so he learned a few with her and it made communication SO much easiear with him.

Also, when he's tired don't push him too much, try to engage him more when he's wide awake, our son would talk the most in the morning after waking up then as the day went on and he got more tired he just didn't feel like talking (still that way to this day).

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Yes he is very quick with his motor skills and working on everything that it seems talking has just taken a backseat. However he is starting to sign which is helping.

Christina - posted on 02/09/2011




I wouldn't be stressed out, but I would just keep paying attention to it. My daughter had no more than 10 verbal words (although she had over 50 signs) at 2 years old, because of constant ear infections. She finally got tubes put in at 2 and her speech exploded in the first couple of months. I wish I had pushed to see an ENT sooner about her constant ear infections, but I kept being reassured that she was hearing me and so it shouldn't be a problem. She was hearing me, she just couldn't hear well enough to reproduce the words.

If there are no other circumstances (like ear infections or if he doesn't respond when you talk to him) then I wouldn't worry right now.

Katie - posted on 02/09/2011




All kids are different. He is saying some words, so I don't think you should be concerned. My daughter's 10 months, and has done a lot of things quick. Especially social skills, like smiling, and talking. She's only 10 months and can already say at least 5 or 6 words. However, she's been slow with her large motor skills. She didn't sit up until she was 8 months or so, and still even now, won't sit for very long. She doesn't like to sit. She still doesn't crawl. She rolls to get to where she wants to go. She CAN do an army crawl, but she has to REALLY want something to make her do that. She doesn't pull up or cruise. She doesn't even take steps when I'm holding onto her hands. I'm a little concerned, but her dr's not. Some babies develope quicker with certain skills and not as quick with others. My mom said that my motor skills were later, and I didn't walk until I was 14 months, so I'm not expecting my daughter to be any different. However, her fine motor skills like the pincer grasp was quicker than normal too. I think he's fine, but if you're that concerned, it won't hurt to take him to his pediatrician.

Sammie - posted on 02/09/2011




All kids are different. He is saying a few words, so you know he can do it. But he will do it on his own time, when he is ready. Some kids just don't get in any hurry. I have friends whose children didn't talk until later, and now they are older kids and very intelligent ones at that. Remember Albert Einstein didn't talk until he was 4yrs old.

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I just think the whole deal is that everyone hypes everything up. If we didn't have access to the internet or media, would the anxiety be lessened?? Concern, registered. But I don't mind toooo much about the not saying "whole words". I know lots of babes say "up-py" for up. I don't say uppy or puppy or kitty. We say cat, dog, up. So it will prob take longer...

Janice - posted on 02/08/2011




First - your son does have 4 words - don't discount them :) My daughter is 15 mo. and I am also very concerned she will start using a word for a day or 2 and then we will never hear it again. I have my degree in Early childhood ed and I worked in daycare for 5 years so these parts of me say "every baby is different and a handfull of words at 14-15 months is perfectly normal." However the mom in me is very worried. My daughter signs more and sometimes all done. She says mama, dada and thank you consistently and has said a bunch words but only 2-3 times. I take her to the ped. tomorrow so I will post again. Basically my knowledge wants to tell you if he if fine but the mom in me understands your concern. :)

Alecia - posted on 02/07/2011




i say as long as he tries to communicate (pointing, signs) and babbles away then there is prbly not much to worry about. my daughter is about 17 mnths and says "hot", "daddy", "cat", and "yes" and does some animal sounds for the animals instead of their names (monkey, elephant, dogs). but i know my daughter understands TONS of what i say. and thats usually the most important, beig able to communicate in some way and be able to understand u. but it never hurts to see what ur ped thinks either. i taught my daughter signs so if she wants eat, drink, play, sleep, or brush her teeth she could tell me before she really started talking. and i dnt think this has kept her from saying more, she just seems content being able to babble and say some words. plus my daughter was a bit of a later walker and is now perfecting fine motor how to put on shoes, climbing...things like that. all babies are different. my hubby really never said a word til he about 4!! and now he doesnt shut up!!!

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