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I have a question about Tandem Feeding. If you are feeding both a newborn and toddler, does your body still produce the colostrum for the newborn? if so what about the toddlers needs? Or if not, what about the newborns needs? I applaude all the mums out there who tandem feed but i just cant get my head around the mechanics of it!


Merry - posted on 11/06/2010




So here's how I read it on kellymom.com
During pregnancy your milk slows down production, and around month 4 it comes in as colostrum, the toddler eats the colostrum for the remainder of the pregnancy. After delivery the colostrum is still there, but it isn't endless so after the birth you are supposed to try to let the newborn eat as much colostrum as he can and maybe try not to let the toddler fill up on it too much. The milk will come in after a few days, maybe sooner if your toddler is nursing alot, and then on it's the same milk any new mom makes and the toddler just is sort of along for the ride. Some toddlers get the runny poop again if they nurse alot with the new baby, others still are normal there.
So essentially your body is going to prioritize the new baby from pregnancy on but there's great benefit to the toddler to continue. The colostrum and new milk is all very very nutritious and full of immunities so toddlers will be better off from nursing as well.
Check out kellymom.com and see the pages on tandem nursing. It taught me a ton and I'm going to be tandem breastfeeding some time this may with baby #2! hope that helps, the web site I'm sure explains it better so check it out :)


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