Teething and breastfeeding

Ashley - posted on 05/05/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 13 week old is getting ready to cut his first tooth and I can already feel it a little bit. My mom says that's why she stopped nursing me was because I was chomping down. I'm aiming to nurse for at least a year and don't want this to stop me. Anyone have advice for coping with it or keeping baby from chewing with those little chompers?


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I feel so bad! I actually popped my babydoll on the cheek, then hugged and rocked her, I felt soooo bad. Then I went to La Leche and she said I probably did the right thing! She never did it again! It was an auto reaction. It suggested to put the little one--especially as young as yours--beside you and turn your shoulder to him. He'll get the idea. Just try to pay attention to his suckling. When he stops take him off to hug and burp immediately. Positive reinforcement works wonders!

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I'm still nursing my 15 month old. who got her first teeth right before she turned 6 months. All it took was one or two times for my daughter to bite me and she learned not to after that. Both times it startled me so I jumped and screamed and it scared her enough not to do it anymore.

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i have a 15 month old with a mouth full of teeth an he still nurses at night. Just do not let him chew on you if he starts pull out and tell him no the allow him to latch on again. Do this everytime he will get the point and as for his teeth i really can 't feel them. When I do I just readust and then it is fine.

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My son is 7.5 months and has 4 teeth. I have found that while he is actually hungry and activley nursing he does not bite. However when he get's lazy or is just playing around I might get a little bite here and there. Nothing that has ever drawn blood thank goodness. As long as my son is latching on properly he doesn't bite.

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I am still nursing my 18 month old and he has a mouth full of beautiful teeth! A generation ago it was common to just quit when babies started teething. I have only been bit maybe 3 times. Its instinct to yell "ow" when it happens and this alone generally helps along with stopping the nursing session, if only briefly. They can't actively suck and bite at the same time so if they are biting they arent' nursing right then anyway so don't feel bad about popping them off and firly telling them no, and even putting them down. You will be fine if tou are determined.

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