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Tara - posted on 08/11/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




I am just wondering what shirts moms have the best luck during nursing? I bf with my first baby and never really had a good experiencing with knowing what to wear as far as convenience. Any helpful advice would be nice.


Melissa - posted on 08/13/2010




im am in your boat. i go to my closet and think "what will be easier to feedwith" so i went to and typed in nursing shirts. tons of clothing came up i like motherhood maternity and pea in a pod clothing they are sooooooooooooo cute and you cant even tell they are nursing shirts they work wonderful!


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Tanya - posted on 08/14/2010




I found it harder to nurse with a 'nursing shirt' on over just wearing a normal shirt that was a little big. The nursing shirts I found the easiest were the ones that have the 'flap' over your boobs that you lift up and have the slits under. You can tell that is a nursing shirt.I would wear that one under my sling so no one really saw it ...

Joseline - posted on 08/14/2010




I have a 3 week old and I am also having this dilema. I have been recommended nursing tanks, heard they are awesome. But for now I use a regular tank or a shirt with a wide and stretchy neck, since I am not a fan of pulling my shirt up, I find it much easier to pull it down from the chest.

Rachael - posted on 08/14/2010




Hi Tara, i have quite a few breast feeding tops im not so easy with lifting my top up to feed even with a singlet underneath, these tops i have are so easy i found and you cant even tell your feeding half the time so even better for out in public. there is a couple stores on ebay that sell maternity and breastfeeding clothing. have a look on there i got some fantatsic (brand new with tags the company makes them) very affordable tops and they have dresses as well. and there not just granny looking things some you wouldnt have any idea there for feeding! good luck with what you decide what ever is comfy for you : )

Angel - posted on 08/13/2010




i wear all my normal clothing and just wear a nursing tank underneath as you can just lift up your normal shirt and snap the tank side down and nurse and then snap it back up and call it a day. its great cause it keeps your mid section covered as well as your back and they are usually nice and light so you can wear them all year round. good luck and best wishes.

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I have alot of tops with stretchy necks. Also those looser necks. Anyway I would rather pull down that pull my shirt up

Marabeth - posted on 08/13/2010




i never bothered with special nursing clothes, honestly it seems like just another reason to part you with your money. i just wear normal clothes with normal bras and it works just fine. if it's going to be cold i wear a tank top under so i don't get a chill up my shirt. :)

Tyasia - posted on 08/12/2010




i wear anything that has a slight elasticity to it ( i like tight strechy shirts) but if you want clothes specaifically designed for nursing moms there is a website called the clothes dont look any different form regular clothes but they have little slits that allow you to breastfeed without a cover while diclosing the smallest amount of skin possible.

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I've always just worn my normal clothes, but worn shirts that were baggy enough to pull up and still drape around the back, etc. But I'm not very modest- I don't care if my lovehandles are hanging out.

Rebecca - posted on 08/11/2010




They do make breastfeeding tops I have fond that a tank top under a button down shirt works great. Like Misty posted a tank under just about anything works good to keep the most coverage.

Misty - posted on 08/11/2010




I wear whatever I want but if I'm going out I usually have a tank top on underneath whatever so I can just pull up my top shirt and still have my midsection covered. If I'm at home it's usually something comfy like a tshirt or tank top, since it's just me, hubby, and my little one.

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