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Kristin - posted on 07/31/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




I was just curious whether anyone else has a thin baby? My DD has been in the 25% for weight and 90% for height since birth. She is now 51/2 months. I was concerned at first because all you see are fat babies and people view that as healthy. The doctor said she was absolutely fine and that she will probably never be a very big person. She is gaining weight well and he said that I have nothing to worry about. Does anyone else have a naturally thin baby?


Meg - posted on 08/03/2009




Oh yeah, both of mine are thin. I think this is very common for BF babies as they follow different curve from formula babies. They start to thin out much sooner so the growth charts most doctors use say they are skinny. If you go to world health organization's web page, you can get a growth chart made specifically for breastfed babies if you want a better one.

Minnie - posted on 07/31/2009




Are you going by your doctor's growth charts? Those charts were based on male, white, formula-fed babies about forty years ago. They are not accurate for breastfed infants.

An exclusively breastfed baby who is given frequent and unrestricted access to the breast will grow as his genetics determine. Both of my girls are in the less than 1st percentile for weight, but they are healthy and thriving.

Erin - posted on 08/03/2009




i have 3 girls, they are all small, as was i. my girls are all healthy and growing but i have actually had people question me on whether or not i feed my kids, just because they don't have roles of fat all over thier bodies. they are happy, healthy, well fed and small.

Joshua - posted on 03/04/2013




My first boy was fit and lean as well. Travel the world much and you'll realize that America has all the fat/obese babies. Others may say otherwise in this country... the majority in the world, not so much. Note to America... go on a diet. And if you do travel and don't realize this, open your eyes more.

Michelle - posted on 08/02/2009




baby isn't naturally thin but my 5 year old is... he's 4 feet tall now *95%* and 41 pounds *25%* he's always been around there on the charts
my daughter started at over 95% for weight and about 25% for height but now she's 72% for weight and 74% for height i suspect she'll thin out more as closer to one genetics kick in more

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Sarah - posted on 08/02/2009




My son is thin too. Breastfed babies tend not to overeat and can often be thinner than bottlefed babies. this is normal. As long as she is growing and is healthy then she should be fine

Lauren - posted on 08/01/2009




oh yea! At 4mos old he was in the 15% percentile but def not a premie! Born at 7lbs 2oz, but I think its really just bc my husband is tall/slender and I was also a thin baby. I do NOT think fat babies r healthy but actually just more common. I love my babe the way he is and he is perfectly healthy! Everyone wants 2put their 2cents in about my thin baby & i'm over it, lol. If he were real fat they'd be talking about that too,lol.

Nicole - posted on 08/01/2009




My niece is the same way. My DD on the other hand is huge. As soon as I learned that the charts are based on formula fed babies and that the tactile chart at the doctor's office had formula ads on it, I quit putting any value in it at all. So don't worry and enjoy your baby.

Kristin - posted on 08/01/2009




Thanks for all the input! I looked at those charts and that was encouraging.

Anna - posted on 08/01/2009




My dd is also "petite" She has was in the 50%, but then dropped b/w the 10%-25% at around a year old. She is 16mths old now and about 20lbs. Every baby is different and your genetics definetely play a role. I am 5'5" 114lbs, so I was not concerned about her being small. Her pedi, said she her rate of growth was just fine and as long as they continue to go in height, that you should not be concerned.

Shawna - posted on 08/01/2009




Breastfed babies are going to grow differently than the formula fed babies. Lisa is correct, the Dr's office uses charts based on the growth of formula fed babies. You also need to look at your body type and the body type of your husband. If you guys have a smaller build, chances are your baby is going to follow that. There are also the highs and lows on all charts because babies come in every shape and size. I wouldnt worry too much about it, as long as she is staying in the same range. Here is a link to a growth chart for breastfed babies.

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My first was a tiny little girl. Didn't hit 20lbs until around 24 months. Looks like my son is on the same track. Just look for her to be hitting milestones and being happy and healthy thats all that matters!

User - posted on 08/01/2009




My first son was exaactly the same. I knew he was fine but all of the health visitors were concerned so I stopped taking him to be weighed in the end. He has my hubbys fast metabolism and was always under the 25% weight line too. My second was totally different hes a lot chunkier although not overweight and hes off the scale on length. Weird how they differ!
Keep doing what your doing sounds like shes doing great:)
Also second what Lisa says:) The charts are pointless. You should ask you health visitor for a breastfed babies chart and you will probably fine she is normal

Shana - posted on 07/31/2009




My daughter is the same. She's always below average in weight. There's nothing wrong with it! It also is NOT a predictor of her weight when she is an adult. I think the main thing is that she is healthy...has a good appetite and has enough diapers. Really the difference in being "normal" versus "underweight" is not really significant--maybe 9 or 10 oz. Being underweight might also change once your lil' one eats more and more solids! My girl is 7 months now and I have really seen her grow in the last month!

All in all, there is nothing to worry about! She looks quite happy in the photo, and that's what really matters!

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