Think i might be pregnant whilst breastfeeding,advice? long story.

Courtney - posted on 04/27/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi i'm new here :) So do excuse if i'm posting in the wrong area or going about anything the wrong way lol!

Ok i'm breastfeeding my now 10 month old whos my second DD. She's been exclusivly breastfed until about a month ago to which i dropped back to only 6 breastfeeds a day(meaning in my terms that i was feeding her solids but the only fluid i was giving her was breastmilk). I have only had one period since giving birth and that was about 6 weeks ago, nothing since. I had unprotected sex about 3 and a half weeks ago and we had a small 'accident' but thought we were sorta safe because i was breastfeeding so no stress. Well it all started when i got a blocked milk duct in my breast which was bizarre, it went away after 3 days but my breasts were not over full, i asked my mother for advice and she said that it might happen if i were due for a period soon to which in shrugged it off cause i was going to be due for one soonish. Well along camee some 'due for period' signs. Irritability,moodiness,cramping,lowered milk supply,blood taste in my mouth,gas and bloating,mild back ache. i went to the toilet 3 weeks ago and got very light spotting, so light it was only showing on the toilet paper. Very pink and watery, still didnt think anything of it. Well it wasn't until i thought "hey i still haven't had a period yet" that it hit me like a punch in the face that i relize i might actually be pregnant. So over the last week ive been taking preggo test after preggo test, the third one i took got a false postive but the other 3 after that were all negative. So i'm seriously confused!
I'd also like to point out that im a strict vegetarian who has only started drinking soy milk since after my second DD was born, iv'e read conflicting info about soy affecting hormones, ive also dropped down to 4 breastfeeds a day to induce a period to be sure, still nothing and i even went a 12 hour stretch of no breastfeeding still nothing! And i have only just started taking Vitex thinking it was hormones toying with me, but i've only been taking it the past week. My usual symptoms of pregnancy are all of the above that i've explained but they usually include sore breasts+nipples and nausea either slight or severe, and terrible terrible lethargy! but none of thats appeared :-/ which were my sure fire way of relizing i was pregnant. But both times i was pregnant it didn't show on the test until at least 4-5 weeks of pregnancy! Could it all be different because i am still breastfeeding? i know no one is the same but Dr's s**t me somtimes! need advice before going lol!


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It could still be your normal hormonal fluctuations and your body trying to return to "normal". My LO is now 17 months old, and I have and IUD which has made me have spotting on and off since I got it, but I haven't really had a period. A month and a half ago I thought I might be pregnant.... even with the IUD. I had very bad nipple soreness... it HURT to breastfeed, and that was my first clue to my 2nd pregnancy.... it HURT to breastfeed my first one. Anyhow, I took an EPT and it came out negative, was definitely having irritability, and moodiness too. Then when I checked on my IUD strings I couldn't find them. So I called my Dr and went in to have my IUD checked. Turned out the strings had curled up into my cervix which is why I couldn't find them. I mentioned my other symptoms and got a "look" like "well maybe you could be pregnant". But then was also told that I bled so easily when the Dr brought the strings back into place that it also could just be my body gearing up for a period. Another negative pregnancy test had me feeling a bit better. A week later I got my period.

I don't think drinking soy milk would have any effect on a pregnancy test. I think it has an effect on estrogen levels, but that's not what an EPT tests for.

My suggestion, make sure you're taking a multivitamin that includes folic acid, wait a few more days and see if your period shows up. If not.. take another test.

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