three month old baby nurses less then what she used to, is that normal?

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I'm a new mom have a three month old. I have been BF since she was born, at the beginning she used to nurse in both breast up to 25 minutes each. About three weeks ago, she started nursing less time, this last week she is only nursing an average time of 10 min and only one breast... when I offer the other one she takes it maybe 3 or 5 minutes at the most! And then, she used to nurse once in the middle of the night and now she doesn't she just started last week, is good foe me in a way because I get more sleep but not at the same time because my breast get so full that hurts... I did pumped at the beginning not much at all maybe one or twice a day and I had some storage milk but the would not take the bottle so I would have to trow the milk away because it would bad so I stopped pumping I have notice that my boobs don't get full like they used to during the day time, she still doesn't take the bottle!! but I think she has really messed our nice "routine" we had until three weeks ago... Now I wonder if she is eating enough, and I thought that as they grow the were supposed to eat longer?? I have not idea what is going on, its a bit frustrating.... Any thoughts???


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Usually the length of nursings take less time once they've got it all figured out and they become more efficient at emptying the breasts in a shorter amount of time than before. This was at least in my case with both babies. She may not need as much milk anymore, either. Your breasts hurt and feel full because your body is trying to adjust it's supply of milk to meet your baby's demand, which seems like less now. As long as baby has plenty of wet diapers; I wouldn't worry about it!


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Hannah's advice is great. The only thing I might do different is not set an alarm to get up and pump. If you are woken because of engorgement, then go pump just enough to relieve the engorgement, and then try to go back to sleep. If your baby makes it a habit of sleeping longer, then within a few days your body should adjust to the new schedule.

At 3 months your body is beginning to regulate your milk flow to your babies needs even better than before. You're breasts will probably not feel swollen or engorged anymore (unless you've missed a feeding). This is not due to there being less milk, but due to your body adjusting to making milk now, and just not being swollen. And at 3 months your baby is probably much more efficient at draining your breast. She may get just as much milk now in 10 minutes as she used to get in 25 minutes.

And... though formula fed babies need to eat more and more formula as they grow and get bigger, breastfed babies don't need more and more like formula. They may need a bit more during growth spurts, but then it levels back off. Your milk will continue to change to meet your babies needs.

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first of all, breathe!!!! All babies are different, some nurse short period of times, others like mine seem to nurse forever...both completely ok. Like the other lady said, as long as she is wetting 6-8 times per 24 hours, you are ok. Most likely, her lessened time means that she has become a breastfeeding pro, and does not need as long a session to get the same amount of milk. Your breasts should eventually not be feeling so full all the time during the day because your body learns how much you need to produce during the day. If baby recently quit getting up at night, your body hasn't figured it out yet, and that is why you are waking so full. I wish I could tell you that they will definitely figure this out at some point, but mine still haven't, I have to get up in the middle of the night once every night to pump, ever since my daughter night-weaned about 3 months ago. Here is what you do: set an alarm for in the middle of the night for about 4 hours after you go to bed, get up and pump. don't pump until you are completely drained, that way if baby wakes up soon after you have something to feed her, but pump at least until you feel relief. You can store this pumped milk in breastmilk storage/freezer bags, you can buy them in the baby care aisle at wal-mart. Breastmilk can be stored this way in a separate freezer(one that you only put breastmilk in) for up to 6 months, and in a shared freezer(where you store your other food) for up to 3 months. Make sure you freeze it within a day or so of pumping, and write the date on the bag so you know which ones to use first. Use this milk when you finally take some time to go out and do something for yourself and need a babysitter. It also comes in handy if you get some sort of serious infection and cannot breastfeed, you have milk stored up already! good luck!

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How are her diapers? If she's getting 6-8 diapers, she's fine. It's pretty common for babies to change up their nursing routines.

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