Time to throw in the towel?

Pam - posted on 08/04/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ladies, I need some unbiased opinions. I've been trying to BF Kairo (almost 3 months old). She latches great, never had an issue with that. But my body just doesn't make enough...period. I don't have enough of the right kind of breast tissue. Anyway, so we've been formula feeding and supplementing with breastfeeding. I'm wondering if it's time to let the breastfeeding go. I work 12 hours nightshifts three times a week, plus try to pick up extra hours when possible. So there are sometimes 2or 3 days between breast feedings. When I'm at work, I'm lucky to pump once(twice is a rare thing) during my 12 hour shift and I'm getting 2-3 ounces. But that's with 6-9 hours between pumpings. (She'll eat 4-6 oz at a feeding) Then on the days I'm off like today, I put her to the breast every opportunity that she was hungry. And she was there the majority of the day. And still had 8 ounces of formula. I know that I am her pacifer of choice. DH can hand her to me and if I latch her on she's content. I just "wonder" if my attempts to BF are starving her. She diapers aren't anynear as wet as when she has bottles all day. I know BM is good for her...but really I need someone to tell me what they think. What would you do in my situation? Should I call it a job well done and let go? Even the lactation consultant at the Ped's office is surprised I'm still going. And she done the best of all 3 of my children with nursing. I think that is the reason why I haven't let go of it yet. But the other night I ended up going 16 hours from last feeding to being able to pump. Work was CRAZY and I could not get away for 20 minutes. I was luck to go pee that night. I was in so much pain.


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I'm guessing you have hypoplastic breasts? (tubular breasts) Kudos for you for doing everything that you can!

-Your pumping output is great! Average outputs is 1/2 to 2 oz.

-Breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing. I haven't been i your shoes, but hypothetically, if I were, I'd continue to breastfeed as well as supplement.

But, this all boils down to what you feel is right for your family and not what other people think, you know? Hang in there, you're really doing great!

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Danielle - posted on 08/04/2010




Maybe go online and contact your local La Leche League counselor... maybe they have some ideas to increase your milk supply. It sounds like you don't really want to stop yet, but if the baby is doing really good on the formula and you really aren't making enough milk then you could stop. Your baby will thrive on the formula and you sound like a really attentive mom. Talk to your pediatrician and see what they say about it too. If you find a way to maybe increase your milk supply i'd say try that, but if it's only a few ounces the whole day then the baby is really getting her nutrients from the formula.

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