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I just logged onto HealthTap, a new free health site for pregnant women and new moms and found a tip for breastfeeding-- www.healthtap.com

"Prevent nipple drying and cracking: Leave a little milk on the nipple at end of feeding." By Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge

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What has worked for you?


Meaghan - posted on 06/05/2011




I agree with contacting LLL. It is often a sign of a problem - latch or thrush. It is important to have someone evaluate what is happening any time a problem crops up because the sooner it is fixed, the easier it is for you and the baby. The milk trick is a good one. Using lanolin can help as well. Sometimes moms leak a lot and that can cause irritation. In that case breast pads can help. They make disposable, silicone or you can buy reusable ones from cloth diapering stores. It is important to make sure they are changed frequently or thrush/irritation can develop.


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Betty H - posted on 06/06/2011




I recommend Lanolin Cream and of course your own breast milk for cracked and sore nipples. Also, if you are home alone, let your breasts be exposed to the air. Betty H Greenman BS,CLC,IBCLC International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Tanya - posted on 06/04/2011




I used to do this with my first to prevent drying/cracking but now that I have my second, my first tries to grab my nipples when they are left exposed (he's only 21 months)... he's into tickling and grabbing a lot, hope no drying occurs

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I used either lansinoh or medela nipple cream and then put a piece of saran wrap just big enough to cover the nipples and the areola after i feed. This is moist healing and it works really well cause the next time you feed, you won't have to rip your bra off your nipples which really hurts. You remove the piece of saran wrap for the next feed and you could reuse it or replace it with a new one. My community nurse had suggested this method to me and I'm really surprised that not a lot of people have heard of this before. I've tried the breastmilk on my nipples but it didn't really work for me. Everyone is different so you have to try different methods to find one that works for you!

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The best thing for me has always been a little bit of breast milk. At the end of the feeding i would just squeeze a little extra out. If I could go braless with a little breast milk on the nipples they would heal up quicky

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If your nipples are cracking you have a latch problem and should seek out help to get it corrected ASAP! www.llli.org has info and can connect you with free mom to mom support from trained volunteers. La Leche League is a great place to get breastfeeding support

Kayla - posted on 06/03/2011




i was using that ointment, its in a purple tube, i cant remember what its called now lol. but i found using that helped at the time but if i didnt use it, it would crack and hurt alot more. kinda like when you use lip balm, if you start using it and miss a day they are alot more drier than if you never started. so i stopped using it and just used my milk to soothe the nipple like you said and that worked the best, the other thing was nipple cup thingys where it would allow you nipple to get air and if you leaked it would catch the milk, worked so so well when sometimes all you want to do is have them be free :)

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