Tips on How To Get Two n a Half Year Old Off BreastMilk!!!

Felicia - posted on 04/07/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hello everyone my name is Felicia n I really Need Some Tips On Gettin' My Two Year Old Off the Breast ! I've tried puttin' soap n hotsauce around the nipple area n that doesn't work n he gets very angry n mad starts ti fight me bite me n kick over things or throw stuffcwhen he cant get it!!! what can i do someone please help me!!1


Itsamystery - posted on 04/08/2009




Felicia, first of all congrats on a fantastic effort! Well done!

Bridget had some good suggestions. Have you tried those sorts of tactics? One thing though, I'd be cautious about taking something to dry up the milk. I weaned my son for 10 days which really dried up my milk. The problem is he wasn't ready to wean and didn't cope with it *at all*, so I had to let him get back on the boob again, but now, because there's hardly any milk, he wants to nurse even more and longer than before. I don't know if that's an exceptional experience I had, but just thought I'd share that with you.

After this, my son (22 months) would not accept no from me at all and was nursing 10-15 times per day, but I noticed he coped just fine if he was with my mum for a day, or even over night. Sometimes he would go 16 hours without a feed when he was with her! So recently what has worked pretty well for us is putting distance between me and my son. I had him minded by someone else Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm. I did this for three weeks. He started enjoying this new routine (nice break from the frustrating pattern we had gotten into) and discovering new adventures. After the first week he was so happy and content he wouldn't even ask for a nurse for an hour or two after he came home. Now he's down to about 4-5 nursings a day, although he's only been back with me for one week. So I don't know how often your son is nursing and I know having that kind of help is a bit of a luxury, but it's something that is gentle and might work for you too.

Goodlulck, hang in there. I know how frustrating it can be.

Bridget - posted on 04/08/2009




You're in a really hard situation. Congratulations on breastfeeding for such a lovely length of time!! If your son is still isn't readt to self wean (which this sounds like from your post) then if I was you I'd try a few things ...

* putting a sticky plaster over the nipples and telling him that they are sore or broken.

* distracting him as much as possible if he wants a feed - take him for a alk to the park or the shop, sometimes the excitement is enough to help him forget.

* change your routine so the times he normally feeds you are both doing something very different. eg getting somebody else to read your son a bedtime story after you have tucked him in and kissed him.

* taking a homeopathic remedy to stop your milk (if he sucks but gets nothing, he will soon lose interest)

* see your doctor and get a prescription for something to stop producing milk.

I'm not sure if any of these things will help, but they might be worth a try. You have done an incredible job of nourishing your child, and he obviously loves you very much. Make sure you introduce something new as a special bonding time once he is weaned.

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Masiel - posted on 02/24/2013




My son is 2 yrs and 7 months, I have breastfed him up until yesterday. I noticed last week that he was starting to wean himself from the breast, yes, I got sad, for it was the end of a beautiful chapter, but I always knew and trusted that he was going to self wean. I used to talk to him about it, how the time was coming up for him to stop having breast milk and that he was going to know and that I was going to be here for him. When he was 2 yrs old I remember I told him no more milk and he got super upset, so I just let it go, he wasn't ready and neither was I. It is a great thing to give your child that trust and also on yourself. All the best to you and your little one. ♥

Itsamystery - posted on 04/08/2009




How often is your son nursing? Other than the hot sauce, what other sorts of things have you tried? Some more info might help us give you some more ideas...

Fa - posted on 04/08/2009




i agree, with bridget you have to distract him with something he likes and be PATIENCE and CONSTANT if you decide you want him to stop it at all,THAT'S IT.

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