To ween or not to ween.

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So, my daughter is almost 18 months and I am still nursing her. It is getting really difficult for me to nurse her and try and get my homework done. She also wakes up at night and I am going insane from no sleep. I need some pointers on what I should do. I originally wanted to nurse until she was 2 years old, but now I am not so sure.

Also, Please go vote for my daughter. she is the first one. Thanks!


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I plan on weening at around a year. But I also haven been having trouble getting pregnant and we really want another one. Even then I'm not sure I'm ready (I know she isn't).

I don't do a night feeding. I couldn't take it anymore and was having anxiety issues from lack of sleep. So I just let her cry for a bit at night she would fall asleep on her own after about 10 minutes and doesn't wake at all now (or if she does she doesn't make noise).

I would try to get her to sleep through the night at least. But why ween when neither of you are ready.

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I had originally planned to start weaning at 12 months and have around 6 weeks to do it before I went back to college. needless to say he is almost 15 months and still nursing. first we discovered he was allergic to cows milk after his birthday (oh the joy that was) and I frankly miss my baby when I am at class or work and bf gives me some quality snuggle time LOL. I have gotten my son on soy milk in a cup now and he gets that with all his meals and snacks and I have been able to limit nursing to 3 times a day (give or take). Early in the morning before work or school we nurse in bed, before his afternoon naptime (we are almost always together by that time) and before bed. Occassionally he wakes in the night and really wants to nurse and I let him. Cutting out night nursing was kind of a pain in the rear end but we got through it slowly but surely. I guess what I am getting at is I understand where you are coming from. You dont neccessarily need to wean completely but perhaps partially as I ended up doing.

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Oh i was there! My first i weaned way earlier than i had planned. it was around 15 months. same thing happened really! i was exhausted! but i think what is important is after about a year and half, it needs to be when both of you wan to. if it is interfering with what you need to get done than i say that you need to have a say in the when of it too. your feelings need to be considered as well and make a compromise. like just nurse at night or when going to sleep naps too. in the middle of the night, if your co sleeping, you could try just cuddling her instead. she may be going through a growth spurt right now too which would be a reason to night nurse. kids grow in thier sleep and have different sleep patterns than we do. ultimately, i wouldnt cold turkey her, just establish the times that work best for both of you and see how that works out....good luck!

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