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Rachel - posted on 01/15/2011




Ya as i said i think its a stage thing not at all to do with age :) Mainly you just have to make sure that the childs room is safe for them to be alone in if they decide to go wondering :P As for climbing etc- i find it only gets worse as kids get older since they get braver lol My daughter learned very early that she doesn`t need to climb over stuff, she can ask and i will help her around it etc and since she has the freedom to wakeup in the morning andplay with her toys until she wants to come eat, she loves it! She lays down on her own when she wants to nap and is really great about it! i should als mention that she was walking by 9 months and almost running at 13 (when i put her in the toddler bed) so it may have come earlier that most people will find. She also could do a baby pull-up as we called it, by 8 months lol so she cleared a baby gate at 10 months and we had to move them higher to block her from anything! Now i jut put one on her door so i an leave her door open at night but she cant close her door etc which cuts out the risk of her pinchin her fingers etc. Let your toddler tell u! :) and if you try and it doesn`t work out- you can always go back to the crib until you are both ready to try again :) Good Luck!

Rachel - posted on 01/14/2011




Hey Vanessa :) I would say if your son is walking, and his room is safe for him to be in when unattened for short periods of time (15-30 mins etc) Than he is ready now! I had my daughter sleeping in her toddler bed at 13 months and she did have a few nights where i would find her trying to get into her crib again (i left it set up in her room for the first month for the transition) But aside from that and a few times where she had nightmares and would come into our bedroom, she has been very successful with it! As of 16 months, we've never hd a night where she climbed out of bed or anything and now when i ask her to go to bed, she just jumps in and tucks herself in :) she'll be 22 months in 3 days :) First stage-walking, second stage-toddler bed, no more bottles/soothers etc, third stage- potty training and mastering to eat for themselves! :) Some basic guidelines i've been using and I think they're pretty accurate (don't think of it as an "age" bracket, just a "stage" bracket :)
Hope this helps and goodluck!


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April - posted on 01/15/2011




My son just turned 2 and we are leaving him in his crib until he shows signs of being able to climb out. He has not shown any signs of that thus far.

Karla - posted on 01/15/2011




I will be moving my son out only when I HAVE to. He will be 3 in March and has shown no signs of wanting to climb out. It is just too easy to put him to bed and know he will be there until I go get him:)

Katrina - posted on 01/14/2011




We kept ours in a crib until it got obvious they were going to hurt themselves climbing out. My first was also getting to tall for the crib (and therefore a toddler bed) and went straight into a twin bed. He was almost 3. My second was close to that age as well. I have no idea when we'll move my daughter, she's only 19 months right now and isn't showing any signs of wanting to climb out or anything dangerous.
Personally I don't think there is a set age, more of a when they climb out and it gets dangerous.

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My girls were 2 and wouldn't quit climbing in and out of their cribs all day... so down came the cribs.

My son was around 2, but he didn't sleep in his crib from the time he was 14 months. I turned it into his toddler bed so I could keep him IN. We co-sleep and w/ him having a bed I can just roll him out of mine instead of lifting him back in his crib a million times (which I never did...).

Callie - posted on 01/14/2011




I'm going to keep my daughter in her crib until she's 2 unless she starts trying to climb out. She's still in her climb on everything stage (although she doesn't try climbing out of her bed) and I'm afraid she'll try climbing the dresser and rocker in her room and get hurt. I'm hoping climbing the furniture will get old after awhile (it's her new thing to do) and she'll stop climbing so much.

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