Toddler teeth in wrong place!

Martina - posted on 06/07/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




im hoping that one of you mums out there that come across this post is also a dentist!!!

my daughter got her first tooth right before her first birthday. it was her top right tooth, followed by her bottom left, then bottom right. her top left tooth was a tiny spec for months and months.. now that more of it was coming through i saw that it was coming out horizontally and the the lateral incisor was turned sideways vertically and pushing along next to it.

as the teeth have come out more the front tooth has straightened a bit but the side tooth is still squashed sideways against it and now here is my worry. i see that the left front tooth is not as large and wide as the right tooth and lateral incisor is quite large as though it should be one of her middle front teeth. is it possible that on their way down they have accidently swapped positions??? she has been an excruciatingly painful teether!!!! can teeth accidently swap positions???

hoping to get some responses. i know that teeth twist there way down and straighten later as all of her teeth have but these two seem to have swapped all together


Cinda - posted on 06/13/2011




I would DEFINITELY call a PEDIATRIC dentist, not a general / adult dentist. Sometimes things can be done to help of caught early enough but if you wait, it's WORSE.
My son was tongue-tied at birth (flelum that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth goes all the way out to the back of the bottom teeth such that you can't lift your tongue up off the floor of your mouth). They said we could either "snip it now" (no anestesia b/c there aren't really any nerves there yet) or wait until he's 3-4 years old & it would be MAJOR SURGERY under general anastisia w/ a stay in the hospital! Needless to say, his tongue got snip ASAP at 8 days old & he's fine now.
So I wouldn't wait another day! Call / Go NOW.


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Tia - posted on 06/11/2011




I'd call a dentist. My youngest brother and sister have weird teeth issues. My brother is missing a tooth and my sister has an extra of the tooth he's missing. We didn't notice until their first dentist visits.

Melinda - posted on 06/11/2011




Well I'd say a visit to the doctor or dentist might clear it up but for both of my children their bottom middle teeth came in first and then their top lateral incisors. They had gaps for a while before theit middle teeth came in it looked so silly. Teeth can actually come in in any order there are just some paterns that are more common. But I might be concerned by the angle that they are coming in especially if she is uncomfortable so that is what I would ask a doc about.

Kasie - posted on 06/11/2011




I have no idea but I suggest taking her to the dentist to figure it out. Sorry I can't help any more than that!

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