Too big for boobies?!

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My son will turn 3 in April. He still wants boobie before his nap during the day and he wakes up twice, sometimes even three times during the night and wants it again to settle back to sleep!
Recently I have been getting negative comments from my Mum and my partner saying it's time he stopped that and he's too old etc....I agree that he shouldn't be waking up still in the night for it and would love to hear any ideas to stop this! I know it's important to let him settle himself now,but when he wakes up he cries and won't settle...I find it so hard to let him cry and cry!
I really don't know what to do for the best.....I would really appreciate any ideas or thoughts other mummies have. I know I am going to really miss this special close time when it stops!Thanx a lot.


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I spent MONTHS telling my son that he needed to go all night w/out 'baboo' before he actually started sleeping through the night w/out nursing. Your son should be old enough to reason w/ and understand that he has to wait til morning to nurse again. But, of course, there's no reasoning w/ them in the middle of the night.

My son (will be 3 at the end of March) isn't 100% sleeping through the night, but DOES sleep through most of the time.... maybe up once every couple of weeks or so. But like I said... I started talking up the 'big boy' aspect when he was about 18 months.... and he didn't sleep through the night more than a random occurance until after he turned 2. Good luck!

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Dr. Sears website has lots of ideas for getting your toddler to sleep through the night. I read his Breastfeeding book and it talked about this exact same issue saying that Dad can take over during the night (that way nursing isn't an option) for a little while til your little one knows he won't be nursed during the night.
Also, you could try setting limits on when you nurse, "we only nurse when the sun is up because at night booby sleeps too". Don't be afraid to set some limits, and if you and your child don't want to stop let others know that it's not their nursing relationship. Happy Nursing!

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