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Ashlee - posted on 03/30/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




This is my first time breastfeeding. A few days ago I got mixed up and used my left breast too much leaving the right one engorged to the point where my son won't eat off it. I tried to express some in the shower which didn't help much. My sister suggested using the pump just for a minute to relieve some of the hardness which worked but now I keep have to do that before he'll nurse on that side. Solutions that have worked for others please.


Sarah - posted on 03/30/2015




You have two options IMO:
1. Nurse off the less active side first and pump the other side completely until there is nothing but hind-milk left and then finish him off off the pumped side. Then you can store all of your milk from the one breast for future feedings.
2. Express just barely enough to get your nipple soft enough for him to latch on and then nurse on both sides like you would typically.

An important thing to remember when nursing is your milk comes in stages; fore-milk, milk and hind-milk. Think skim, 2%, and whole. If you were to only offer a baby a breast that was pumped the baby would only get hind-milk. While it is rich and satisfying, it is not as hydrating as the fore-milk. In all likelihood things will even out on their own. Be aware of blocked milk ducts which can lead to mastitis. I was blessed with an abundant milk supply, but plagued by blocked ducts. Once I learned to mange that issue I was good to go.

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