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trouble breastfeeding my 2 week old son

Ginger - posted on 09/12/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




my son is two weeks old and seems to be doing fine ,had a check up and was looking right on track.. but my breat are not a full and perky and im afraid hes not getting enough milk . when i pump i get 4 ounces but lastnight he kept crying after i feed him, i changed ans burped him did everything i could think of finaly i made him a bottle (formula) and he scarfed 4 ounces like hed been hungry a long time...i im afraid hes not getting enough i just have the feeling..also with my first son i never breastfeed ..he woulnt take and my second hedid the samething and i kept on but my milk ened up drying up and im afrais the samething hppening. is that normal, are some women not ment to breastfeed? im feeling very discuraged and hopless


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I agree with all of the other posts, it sounds fine - minus the bottle!.

And it's normal to not feel that fullness - that's your body adjusting. The only reliable indicator of sufficient output is the number of wet diapers per day (count them - we all do!).

If you do want to increase your supply drink more, rest more, nap more, then repeat. And stay away from stressful situations & people. Also, hang out with other nursing Moms - the visual cues can really help.

It's normal for a baby to drink all of a bottle, hungry or not, because it comes out so fast.

Most Moms ARE able to breastfeed - if your body was able to grow a baby, why wouldn't it feed it after it came out? That's the simpler function surely (just not the intuitive one!

Also remember that he will go through growth spurts, especially at 6 weeks & 12 weeks or so, where it's normal for him to want to nurse 24 hrs a day for a couple of days - to up your supply & comfort himself.

If you want any other encouragement or tips, the posting on 'low supply myths' addresses many of your questions, and looked spot on to me and I've been nursing for 3 years now (two kids consecutively).

If things are still not going as well as you want them - talk to as many successful nursers for ideas as you can. Lactation consultants, LaLeche league leaders and more are all out there...

[deleted account]

Instead of offering him a bottle next time, offer him your breast again. As long as he's growing and thriving and going through enough diapers he is probably fine, but if you supplement w/ formula.... chances are very good that you WON'T be able to continue breastfeeding. He needs to nurse more so your body can make more. Every formula feed he gets is a time that your body won't know it needs more milk for him.

Kate - posted on 09/12/2010




i just nursed, and nursed, and nursed. every hour on the hour with my first son, for an hour sometimes! drink a lot of water. you can pump too if you'd like, but i had a hard time pumping because it was so much easier to nurse. breast milk absorbs faster than formula, so he may want to nurse more frequently at first. and every baby is different, my first son nursed non stop, the second one nursed like clockwork every four hours. but the lactation consultants i've had all said to feed on demand, so that's what i did. it can be rough the first few months. but if you want to breast feed, i say stick with it! it DOES get easier.

Celeste - posted on 09/12/2010




I agree with Teresa. How are his diapers? Getting 6-8? If so, your supply is FINE!

Pump output is NOT an indicator of supply. Having said that, you get an AMAZING amount. Average ouput is 1/2 to 2 oz and you're getting double that amount!

Also, 2 weeks is a prime time for a growth spurt. Keep nursing. The more you nurse, the more you will make. Ditch the bottles. When you supplement, your breasts don't get that signal to make more milk.

Honestly, it sounds like you're doing better than you think. Ditch the bottles and keep nursing!

Sarah - posted on 09/13/2010




If he's gaining weight and settled between feeds, your supply is fine. He could be a bit colicky (gassy) at 2 weeks old, keeping him awake. He's also going to be going through a growth spurt (typically 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, and 6 months) and will feed more often trying to increase your supply to meet his growing needs. I know it's tiring, but keep with it, it's worth it in the end!


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If you can get 4 ounces pumping you are definitely having enough milk! I would just let your baby nurse on demand and trust that that will tell your body how much to make. I emptied my breasts in the evening for a while and ended up with an over-supply which made my baby extremely fussy at every feed. Trust your body to do the right thing and you'll be just fine.

Sara - posted on 09/15/2010




the same thing happened to me at 2 weeks and a month old, my public health nirse said they were growth spurts so i just kept feeding her and eventually they will stop being so hungry once the growth spurt is over, just keep breastfeeding and as long as he has enough wet diapers and is gaining weight he is healthy :)

Kyle - posted on 09/14/2010




He might be going through a growth spurt. My son did the same thing. I pump during a time when he doesn't normally nurse to help increase my milk supply. I also noticed that even when it seems like I'm empty if I put him back to the breast my milk will drop again. If I were you, I would keep trying but if your worried, talk to your doctor or a lactation consultant. I believe the la leche league can help you find one in your area. I hope everything works out for you, good luck!

Amanda - posted on 09/14/2010




If he pulls away from one side try the other. Some babies tend to prefer one side to the other or maybe the milk flows faster at first and he wants the faster side....

Danielle - posted on 09/13/2010




im pumping for my little girl and i am in the same boat as you, well i havent been able to brest feed her at all, its strictly bottle or tube feed seeings how she is in the NICU for prematurity so i feel for you in a way, but i do agree with everyone else on here that keeping up with his demand and he will get it and so will you.

Merry - posted on 09/13/2010




music to our ears Ginger!!!!! Feel free to ask any and every question you have, theres soooo much knowldge on this community and with this help, im sure you will enjoy a long nursing relaationship with your new son!!!

Ginger - posted on 09/13/2010




THANK YOU ALL!! im going to keep breastfeeding! i was just worried but i guess all my concerns are normal and it dose get better :) and if it wasnt for all your post and fining this circle of moms, i might have given up and wasted my chance and his to breastfeed. thank you all and im going to keep on it!

Charity - posted on 09/13/2010




You are doing the right thing! Definatly keep nursing, even if it seems like you just stopped! My lactation consultant had me pumping also right from the start to get my milk supply to come in (and did it ever!) She reccomended nursing on demand and pumping extra for comfort if needed. if you think he is acting like he is starving, and not nursing, and you are desperate for relief (or quiet), try pumped milk in your bottle, not formula, (we all just need to make the crying stop sometimes) but try not to make a bottle a habit, or you may decrease your milk supply. GOOD LUCK, it does get better!

Katie - posted on 09/12/2010




I agree with everyone else. Ditch the bottle. I didn't want to be tempted with bottles or formula, so I've never even had formula in the house. My daughter would fuss during growth spurts sometimes, and seem like she didn't want to nurse, but after a few times she would be fine. She's 5 months now, and she's doing great. The only times my breasts feel full anymore is first thing in the morning after she slept for 12 hours. Sometimes not even then. I try to pump twice a day to put milk in the freezer in case I need it, and I only get 1-3oz each time. (I get more in the morning than at night after nursing her all day) If you need to build up your supply the best suggestions I have for you is nurse, nurse, nurse. Also you can try organic Mother's Milk Tea. I used that to build up my supply when I first started pumping.

Brenda - posted on 09/12/2010




Put away the pump. YOu shouldn't pump until 6 weeks. Remember how tiny their tummy is, about the size of a shooter marble, he can't even hold four oz of milk. Put away the formula or you will lose supply. Likely he is in need of comfort nursing. Please visit for all the information you need on how to tell if you are low on milk or not.

Merry - posted on 09/12/2010




Let him nurse round the clock as much as he wants and I promise you your body will catch up. It might take a day or maybe two but you need to let him nurse EVERY time he wants. More sucking more milk. Only 1% of women can not make milk, and since you've gotten this far you are not in that statistic! Your body will do it, but you have to trust it, and let him suck till the cows come home!! Your body made him, it's not going to fail to feed him now!

Ginger - posted on 09/12/2010




that was the first time i gave him a bottle , i tryed to breast and hes suck for a few min. but then push it out and start crying again. he has done so far so good today and hes wetting enough , i just dont feel it in my breast anymore ( any milk) the doc says to emty my breast after feeding him.. will that help?

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