Trying to conceive baby number 2, any tips or advice?

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Hi there, :) We would love to have another baby! Our daughter is almost 11 months old, and we're ready to go for another little one! So....I'm still breastfeeding, but 3-4 times a day only. I FINALLY started my period on April 9th, (oh, I never thought that day would come, after my body playing tricks on me for months, yay!) and had it again on May 9th. Seems that my body is back to 31 day cycles like before. I'll see how it goes, but it seems harder to conceive a second baby though! :/ With our daughter we knew we were ready, and we were sort of trying...2 months after stopping the pill (continuous for 3 years) I became there was not really any planning?! Any tips, especially while still breastfeeding? :) Thanks!


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The only REAL tip I can give you is: Try to relax about it. If you're stressed out, it's much less likely to happen. I know - easier said than done.... but it's true.

Since your period has returned, you should be able to get pregnant again. And since you didn't have trouble the first time around, i wouldn't expect too much trouble this time around for you either. Yes breastfeeding can decrease your chances of getting pregnant, but lots and lots of women get pregnant again while still breastfeeding.

For me, it seemed easier the 2nd time around. We tried for several years including seeing a fertility Dr. before I became pregnant with my first. Since I was breastfeeding, and we knew we wanted another baby eventually, we didn't use any birth control after the first baby was born. When my first was 14 months old I got my period back. When she was 17 months old, she started sleeping through the night. About a month after that I started feeling "ready" to get pregnant again, and 2 months later I was pregnant. I didn't wean my first completely until I was already pregnant with my 2nd. At the time that I got pregnant, I was nursing my first one 3 -5 times per day.

Since you are wanting to get pregnant again, be sure to be taking prenatal vitamins, or at least a multi vitamin with extra folic acid.

And Good Luck, and have fun trying!!!!

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