Trying to conceive while breastfeeding??

Tammi - posted on 02/24/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello All!
I was wondering if anyone else was trying to conceive or already has conceived while breastfeeding? My husband and I are currently trying to conceive baby #2 but I am still nursing our first baby. I am going to nurse her until she is a year old - but I was wondering if it was possible to conceive while nursing or if I would have to wait until I wean our first baby?? Thanks for all the advice!


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Tammi - posted on 02/25/2010




Thanks April and Tammy for your comments. I just got an ovulation kit to try and track when I ovulate - so we'll see how that goes. I am currently on my period (2nd one since giving birth). I just started yesterday, and I usually have a 3 or 4 day cycle so I'll start tracking after that. I only nurse our baby girl 4 times a day: breakfast(7:30), lunch(12:00), snack(5:30), and dinner(9:00) - then she goes all night without nursing. With these feedings she gets baby food or rice cereal and then I nurse her afterwards for 5 or so min. on each side. If she does get up in the middle of the night it's usually because she is wet or her teeth hurt as we think she is starting to teeth now (she is 10 months old but no teeth as of now). Thanks again for your comments!

Tammy - posted on 02/24/2010




April is right. My husband and I would like to start trying for baby #2 in a couple months as well, and i still dont have my period. So the only way is to check your body temp to find out when you are ovulating. The Ovulation kits are quite common so you should be able to find one easily. I heard as long as you have at least one 6-hour break from bf each day you should be right. Good Luck!

April - posted on 02/24/2010




It is possible to conceive while nursing. You do not need to have a period, in order to ovulate. I would start by taking your basal body temperature, to determine ovulation. You could buy one of those ovulation kits in the pharmacy.

The general rule of thumb, however, is that if you can go 8 hours without becomes easier to conceive.

My son doesn't nurse during the day at all, except when he first wakes up. He is still nursing almost exclusively, but does all his eating at night. However, it is not uncommon for 12 hours to pass before he nurses for bed (then it's allllllllllllll night). I could probably conceive. (but afraid to because he doesn't like solids much yet and i don't want to dry up)

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