Trying to tandem breastfeed a distracted toddler while pregnant

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My daughter is 15 months old. I am 8 weeks pregnant. After some back and forth with my doctor I have continued to breastfeed my daughter. If she had been born full term I probably would have weaned but because she was born 4 months early I feel it's important to continue until the age of 2....minimally. My daughter however is uncooperative lol she's so.......curious about everything that her attention span is all of about a second. She wants to nurse but starts to play, or finds new things to touch, look at or chew on. I have to relatch her on probably a good two dozen times in a 5 minute session. It's frustrating but I'm determined to continue. How do I get her to focus on nursing so she can resume playing and I don't have to sit there for 30 minutes trying to get her to nurse.

I would appreciate responses from those who are dedicated to breastfeeding, are or have tandem breastfed. Comments to stop breastfeeding are not appreciated.

Thank You


Emily - posted on 02/21/2011




I think what you're experiencing is REALLY normal for that age. If she only wants to nurse for 30 seconds, let her. You're likely not going to be able to make her sit still for a long nursing session. My daughter is the same way. Since about 8 months she only sits still for about 3-5 minutes tops. Now at 17 months it's more like 1 minute tops, then off she goes. You can be assured your baby is still getting plenty.. by this age they are very efficient at nursing. Way to go for nursing through pregnancy.. I did the same and tandem nursed for another year.

Nicole - posted on 02/21/2011




turn off the telly, go to a chair in a quiet room each time and close the curtains and turn the lights offif she likes to feel something while she is drinking, use the same thing each time, like a terri towl/soft cloth. then it will never be too new and exciting to distract her xx


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