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My daughter is 14 months old now. I've been trying to wean her for the past week or so. I've taken away the daytime feedings but still nurse her right before bed at night. She does okay but she's extremely grumpy. When it comes time for her nap it's nearly impossible to get her down. It's been so rough I'm scared to death to even TRY to take away the nighttime nursing. Any advice on how to get through this? I'm about to lose my mind!


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It doesn't sound like she's ready. Are you willing to wait a little bit? She's still really young to be forced into weaning. The WHO does recommend nursing until at least age 2, and nursing a child over that is also good for them and you.

If you are set on weaning now, try to take it gentle and slowly. It sounds like she's not taking it really well...being grumpy, etc. It's typically recommend to reduce by one feeding every few weeks - if she needs to nurse before sleep, then those would probably be the last to go. Take a look at for really great information about weaning and the benefits of extended breastfeeding. I also like the book Mothering Your Nursing Toddler by Norma Jane Bumgardner.

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Just take it slow.  I know it might be frustrating to you, but it's probably frustrating to her too. :)  If you've just cut out day feeds last week, give her a little more time.  Weaning is meant to happen slowly, if only for the sake of your own breasts.  I tackled daytime first, then naps, then bedtime, then middle of the night.  The whole process for us took about two months.  Good luck!

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Hi Erica, I also am trying to wean and have already backed off a little due to it not going that well. I really appreciated what these mom's had to say in there reply to your question! So thanks, cause I'm reading their advice too.

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My daughter was 14 months old also when I weened her. I wouldnt be too worried yet. It takes time. If she isn't ready then maybe let her nurse just before naps and bedtime. And try giving her a bottle and rocking her if you want to atop nursing before nap time. I would take a bottle and rock my daughter before bed. Mostly its just a comfort thing for them, so try to spend the quiet time cuddling and rocking. It took me almost 3 months to have my daughter completely weaned. But she was ready and it was more of a habit I think for her. With my 2 year old I had to just cut him off completely, but he was 6 months old. I went through a depression because my husband is in the military and he was gone at the time so I stopped producing milk. He would not take anything but the breast up until that time, so I cut him off and he was hungry so he took a bottle. As hard as it is on you its hard on her too. And she may just not be ready to be weaned. I know its difficult but be patient and stay firm in your decision. Follow a ritual and keep to it and she will get used to it.


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