tummy aches

Nicole - posted on 03/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




my baby is 5 days old and he keeps getting tummy aches. anyone know any good remedies to get rid of them? i am all ears cause nothing i am trying is working.


Chantel - posted on 03/28/2009




A couple of questions...is he formula or breast fed?  Is he having bowel movements and urinating? 

At 5 days old a newborn does not have tummy pains, per say.  Babies do have stomach upset and discomfort as their systems adjust.  This is usually relieved by feeding.  Feeding on demand is suggested, and feeding every 2-4 ours minimum.  A newborn should eat every 2 hours and should not go more than 4 hours without eating.

Could the tummy trouble you are noticing be his cue that he is hungry?

You can tell if your baby is getting enough by watching his diapers.  A 5 day old should have approximately 5 wet diapers, and then average out to 6 wet diapers a day by day 6.  If he is breastfed, he may have a bowel movement every time he eats, if he is formula fed he may only poop once a day.

It is possible, if your baby has not had colostrum (first milk) that his stomach is having a hard time adjusting to his formula.

At 5 days old, if you are concerned about his health, I would take him to the doctor or call the hospital and see what they say.  It is possible that it is something else....infection, dehydration, jaundice....so getting him checked out may be the best thing!


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Heather - posted on 03/28/2009




it might be something in your diet. newborns can be very sensitive to some foods. thats all i got

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What kind of tummy aches? Is your baby arching his back as if in pain while feeding? If so, it could be reflux, which can be painful. If that's the case, your ped can help by prescribing Zantac to relieve the pain.

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