Unequal milk production

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Hello all! I am exclusively breastfeeding my 2-month-old. I pump once a day and freeze the breastmilk for future use. But ever since I started pumping, I have noticed that one breast seems to produce substantially more than the other. I can usually get 3 to 4 ounces of milk from the right side, but I'm lucky to get even 1 ounce from the left side. It doesn't seem to matter which breast my son nursed on last or how long it's been since he nursed, I ALWAYS get more from the right side when I pump. It doesn't seem to be affecting my baby's health at all (he is gaining weight just fine), so I'm not super concerned about it. But I am curious as to whether this is normal or if my body is just weird? :-) Has anyone else encountered this?


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I have the EXACT same issue! The only time I find it a problem, is when my son has a growth spurt. I feel like it takes me almost a week to catch up to him since only one of my breasts is producing.

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I think that's sort of how it goes...I have one side that produces more than the other (6-8 oz vs. 4-5 oz), and I hear from other moms at the breastfeeding support group I go to that that is very normal. I haven't heard a reason WHY women are built this way, but it's the way it is (I like to think it's so babies can alternate meals & snacks, but who knows? :) )

PS, the amounts seem really high, but my baby is a lot older and takes more at each feeding. For your baby's age, it sounds like you're making exactly what he needs!

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That's normal, most women produce anywhere from 1 oz difference to several.

Bethany - posted on 01/12/2011




Thats common. My son in 4 months and i still produce like 5 oz in my left and like 2 in my right. I know they say that breast size has nothing to do with it but my right is naturally smaller than my left and it creates less milk maybe its just a coincidence. He also favored the bigger one and i usually fed him on the bigger one so thats probably why that one produces more milk. I also had to use a nipple shield for the smaller one bc my nipple was inverted. You should start and end every feeding on the smaller breast. I never followed through with that advice but maybe it could work for you. Good luck!! PS...ur body will compensate and as long as ur LO is gaining weight everything should be fine!!!

Celeste - posted on 01/12/2011




That's pretty common for one breast to produce more. My left always produced more than my right :)

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