Very gassy 1 month old BF baby boy

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my son has been gassy for the past 2 weeks , i've been giving him gas drops after every feeding , doing leg exercises like bicycling and rubbing his belly , patting his back n bouncing him but he still doesnt fart , he will start to push and then sometimes start screaming and crying only holding him and rocking him seems 2 help , he burps fine and poops fine but he just doesnt seem 2 be able 2 fart he eats good but seems 2 be spitting up sometimes a little and sometimes alot, is there something im doing or eating thats doing this 2 him


Lindsey - posted on 06/27/2012




I would avoid dairy for two weeks and see if you notice a distance. A lot of times babies can't digest the dairy that passes through into their milk until 3 months or later. Two weeks of dairy free and then a slow introduction of it back into your diet should help you detrmine if that is a culprite. Also, try Gripe Water (found at whole foods type stores and some grocery stores/pharmacies)

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I agree with what others posted about the food ; I had to give up all cow products ( all dairy and beef) for both of my kids. With my son, I kept trying different positions and found one that worked for him: I sat on the ground against the couch or wall with my knees bent and sat him facing me. His legs up against my stomach and back agaignst my legs. This always got the gasses flowing!
It's so hard to figure out, but keep trying different things to see what works best your your little one.

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It could be a food sensitivity or allergy. Read more on this page from KellyMom. The foods stephanie suggested to cut out are a great idea. If they help, awesome. If not, you may want to consider cutting out dairy to see if he's sensitive to dairy. It's a whole lot more common than most people think.


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It's so funny that you say fast food is bad for newborns...A few months after my baby was born, my hubby and I decided to indulge in some Burger King. The next day, our little girl smelled like a bag of food from the place! We don't usually eat the stuff, but after that I said no more! Lol

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My son had TERRIBLE gas as an infant. I tried pumping his legs, but it wasn't enough. Instead, I firmly pressed his knees to his belly, and he'd have gas explosions! Just make sure his diaper is on! BIG mess if it's off! Other than that I don't know.

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I tend to agree with the food thing that the others have said. But cutting loads out of your diet can be detrimental to your health too. My bub was/is the same. I didn't change my diet too much. I just cut out caffeine. I drink a caffeine free tea and avoid chocolate. It made a huge difference to her gas issue and she vomitted less. I also took her to a chiropractor (one who specialises in children) this has made the biggest difference of all. I have been able to start eating chocolate again! We haven't seen the chiro for a month now and the vomitting has started again, just a little bit, so will make an appointment to see her again. Tummy time certainly helps too. If bub doesn't like tummy time on the floor, you could try tummy time on your chest. It works the same, and you get extra cuddles! If bub will take a pacifier, that will help with reflux as well. Good luck!

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It's probably what you are eating and drinking that is causing him issues. Coffee, soda, milk, too much wheat, etc. You can research this online, and figure out what you need to stop eating to make him feel better. Fast food is the worst for newborns and BF babies.

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He is probably over stimulated, or too tired. When babies too tired, their system shut down and make gas. Try to put some extra nap for him, or just wear him more. I had the same problem with my son, and I just made sure, he got an extra nap during the day, and my baby never got gassy. also some food make gas (cauliflower, strawberries, water melon, spinach, green leafs, beans, lentil. anything, what start with a k)

Good luck I hope it helps. For gas try homeopathic cocyntal work wonders, and safe. :))

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My youngest couldn't tolerate me eating capsicum!
Having said that, my eldest basically had reflux for the first 3-4 mths of her life, and your baby's symptoms sound very similar. It might be worth discussing this with your GP or nurse as there are some things you can do, and even medications if it's severe enough. My daughter wasn't 'severe' as in she didn't splatter entire rooms with the remains of every meal.
For most baby, as Stephanie said, it is essentially just their immature digestive system and they do tend to improve at around the 3-4 mth mark.
We continued to have lots of problems with her getting constipated, but that's another story...
Also, with our eldest a lot of the screaming & pulling up legs etc. turned out to be issues with self-settling to sleep; she was fighting sleep, not the food - could be worth a thought. Sleep training at 6 weeks soon had her in a good sleep routine & we saw less of the screaming.
Her tummy took a while longer to sort out though (constipation etc).

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Are you breastfeeding and still taking your pre-natal vitamins? They can cause gas.

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My daughter was the same, her doctor told me that it's a myth that whatever the mother eats affects her milk and thus the baby. I changed my diet anyways, but she did not change. Did you try tummy time? My daughter hated it and cried a lot, but some wear by it.

Stephanie - posted on 06/26/2012




He's only 1 month old, so his digestive system is probably sensitive still. It is wise to avoid garlic, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and any other gassy foods. Also, garlic powder and onion powder, and alcohol too. Any foods that you are especially sensitive to may also upset your little guy.
I am still nursing my 6 month old and I can't eat more that a tiny bit of chocolate because I am super sensitive to caffeine. It keeps her up! Also, I am sensitive to cheese and rich dairy, so I try not to eat much of that either. If I do splurge, she gets gassy and upset for a while. Sometimes, it's just worth it! Lol
Basically, if it makes you gassy, try to avoid it. Re-introduce the foods one by one, once his system starts to mature, around 3-4 months.

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