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I found out the hard way.
Seafood effects your milk, gives baboes cronic wind.
I had lunch about 2.30pm the other day, fish (snapper) oysters (natural) and chips.
By 8pm that night my baby was suffering from bad wind, she continued for the next 8 hours. I ended up having to buy formular for her.


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Jennica - posted on 10/11/2010




I agree with the other 2 women. The fish has nothing to do with the gassiness. Babies can get gassy with a variety of different foods, just like us. Broccoli, beans, and milk, to name a few. Regardless of that, breastmilk is still best for baby. Keep in mind that when you give your baby formula, you're giving her something that is based on cow's milk, and our bodies don't have the enzymes to actually digest it. Because of this, babies can develop allergies earlier.

Don't stop eating fish because you're afraid of gas. Just be aware of your baby, and if you see she's reacting oddly, such as getting a rash or having difficulty breathing, take her to the doctor in case she's having an allergy. Good luck!

Tania - posted on 10/11/2010




Lisa is correct. Your baby was not gassy because of the fish. I eat a well rounded diet, including fish and shellfish with no adverse affect to my child.

Minnie - posted on 10/11/2010




Sometimes it can be hard to trust that our milk is what our babies need and that it is good and safe. Understanding how milk is made can help. Adults get gas from the breakdown of plant fibers in the gut by bacteria. Only the nutrient molecules go into the blood and milk is made from those molecules in the blood. Eating fish does not mean that a woman produces fish milk.

Causes of gassiness in infants are: foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, a normal immmature infant gut, crying, a poor latch and thrush.

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