Was your supply affected by the return of your period?

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I'm really disappointed. This week my son turns 7 months old, and my period just came back.

As a breast cancer survivor, I was hoping to delay it as long as possible. I co-sleep, exclusively breastfed on demand for 6 months (my son hardly eats any solids even now), nurse at night, etc.

I'm just so unhappy right now. Will this lower my supply? :( I already only have one milk-producing breast.


Jody - posted on 04/06/2011




It won't effect the amount of milk even a little bit, so don't worry! I got my period back a few months ago and we're still going strong with breast milk, about four feeds a day with a big one at night before bed. NOt even a noticable difference at all.

Carolyn - posted on 04/06/2011




I personally noticed a small dip in supply just before my period.

After some research, I learned that the second half of your menstrual cycle depletes your calcium levels which can cause someone women to experience a temporary dip in supply. Taking calcium/magnesium supplements to the up to 1500/750 mg can help this.

it did for me. So long as i take my supplements, which are good for me anyways, My supply doesnt dip like it used to ( i got my period at 3 months pp, as my son went longer stretches than the average baby between nursing from the get go)

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As the other ladies have already mentioned it shouldn't affect your supply. My period returned when my little one was about 6 months old and I didn't notice any difference in my supply. I hope this gives you hope and makes you feel better. Hang in there! :)

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My period after my son came back when he was 2.5 months old. We also co-slept and nursed on demand (and he demanded a LOT). He just turned 3 years old and is still nursing, so my period has had no negative effect on my milk.


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