Wean to formula or solids at five months... or both?

Kazza - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is four months old and I am starting to think about weaning him at six months. Won't it be a shock for him to be weaned from breastmilk onto formula and solids at the same time? Should I wean him onto formula first, and then solids? First time mom. Any advice appreciated.


Janice - posted on 08/31/2011




I'm unsure why you are choosing to wean but if the only reason is that you were told you Had to, please know that breastfeeding is best for all babies through and past a year. Of course there are other outside factors that may be influencing your choice to wean and if you really feel you must, then I would slowly wean him onto formula first. Although, I do believe it is important for babies to begin solids before a year old, this food is just extra and breast milk or formula is the main nutritional source in the first year. Usually, solids are just extra and don't really replace a feed or bottle until closer to year. So my advice would be first of to evaluate why you are weaning and if you still feel you must do then make sure that transition goes well before starting solids. Also many babies end up trying a few different formulas before finding one that they like or can tolerate and if you try to do solids and formula at the same time and there is an issue you wont know which to blame.


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My advice is not to wean onto formula at all and take his cues on the solids. Some babies are ready at/before 6 months and some aren't ready til around a year.

If you're set on weaning him to formula.... I suggest gradually doing that first before thinking about solids.

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