Weaned 22 mo daughter, now have blocked duct. What to do?

Sarah - posted on 01/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Back story: Decided to night wean my then 21 month old daughter. Wasn't a fight at all, which surprised me. However, because we were no longer nursing to sleep at night, for consistency sake, we no longer nursed for naps during the day. If she asked I would allow her to nurse but would tell her no night-night. A few days later she wasn't asking to nurse at all. Broke my heart b/c I wanted to get to the two year mark.

Problem: It's been about a week since the last time she's nursed and over the weekend I noticed a tender lump forming on my right breast. I massaged it, it felt better, didn't think of it again. Monday it was harder, larger, and even more tender than before. Again, massage, a little better. Yesterday, even larger and more pain so I broke out the heating pad, alternated heat and massage, then dug out my pump and pumped for a bit. This morning the lump is there but smaller and it feels bruised. Other than the lump, there's no indication of mastitis (thank goodness) but I don't want it to progress to that point.

Question: How long should I keep doing this heat, massage, pump? And, it's obvious that just stopping bfing cold turkey wasn't a wise move, could you offer a better way to avoid this blocked duct?


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Terra - posted on 01/25/2012




Could you offer to nurse again? If you weren't really ready to stop (and she may have not been either but by night and nap weaning you sent her the signal that she should stop asking cause you weren't going to let her anyway) then there would be no harm in starting up again.

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I had crazy blocked ducts with my first one on and off the whole time I bf her. I would suggest you keep up with the heat an massaging until the lump is gone. If your worried about it coming back you could always pump a few times a day and gradually decrease over a few days to transition a little easier.

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