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my daughter is 15 months and im trying to wean her. she finally take a sippy cup but wont drink juice milk pediasure none of it but i want to wean her. what should i do? what are the best and quickest ways to do so? please help


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Nicole - posted on 11/09/2010




My son is 14 months and still breastfeeding as well. I won't give him cow's milk, but almond milk is sweet and he really seems to like it. Now the big issue is getting him not to want the breast any more. I am his pacifier lol so we have that issue as well. Good luck!

Staci - posted on 11/08/2010




My daughter wouldn't drink cow's milk right away either...mainly bc breastmilk is sweet, and cow's milk is salty. Try adding just a tiny bit of strawberry nestle quik to it to sweeten it...or mix half breastmilk, half cow's milk to make the transition easier. Then over time you can reduce the sweetness until it's just straight cow's milk. I found when you have to wean, you have to go cold turkey though...you can pump, but no more nursing for the baby. She will learn to use a cup when it's her only option. There will be tantrums and alot of testing mommy's patience, but stay strong...she will get it.

Kendra - posted on 11/08/2010




Yeah, drop one feeding a week until gone. Start with ones that she is not too attached to. It won't be easy... which is why I have NOT weaned either of my kids (3 1/2 yrs and 13 months)! Distract is the only thing that I would imagine would work though!

Celeste - posted on 11/08/2010




I wouldn't do it quickly. That might set you up for clogged ducts and mastitis.
-A few things you can do. Distractions. Try to keep her busy. "Not right now, let's go play!" for example
-I avoided the place where we usually nursed (for us, it was the couch)
Here are some more:

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