weaning - how long till milk completely dries up?

Staci - posted on 01/31/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have weaned my daughter off the breast and am now giving her frozen breastmilk in a bottle. I stopped nursing her at the beginning of January and slowly reduced the amount that I pumped each day until I was only pumping for comfort. I stopped pumping altogether about a week ago but my breasts still feel full and leak milk like they did when I was nursing. I don't want to pump anymore because I don't want to stimulate production, but my breasts are uncomfortable and I want to know how long this will last...

How long will it take for the milk to stop being produced? Have any of you had to go on medication to dry up your supply? I appreciate any feedback...



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Your milk glands will produce milk for up to a year after you quit nursing. Nothing substantial, but you may notice that you 'leak' a drop or so for the first year. If you just stopped pumping...expect some leakage for the next few weeks. It's normal.

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Thanks for your advice.  I have been wearing two sports bras the last few days to bind them but I am still producing in one breast.  The other seems to have slowed down.  What's funny is it's the one that I always struggled with getting enough milk from that doesn't want to stop producing!  Any additional advice that anyone has would be very much appreciated!

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Cabbage leaves in your bra work! They will help to dry up your milk supplyand they help relieve engorgement! Plus the cooling helps

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It took me about 2 month to dry up the milk supply. I pumped every day and each day I tried to pump less and less. That didn't work, so I pumped every other time until I was pumping once every two days. I did that for about a week and then stopped alltogether. That was about 3 weeks ago and my breasts still feel full and sometimes sore. At this stage the milk is still dripping, especially after a hot shower. I guess, I just have to go through with it..

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My daughter weaned more than a month ago (after nursing for 31 months) and just the other day a baby cried in the grocery store and I had a let down! So it takes a while...I would keep wearing the constricting bras and/or binding your breasts. If it gets really uncomfortable, you can hand express just enough to get comfortable again. I usually did this in the shower, less mess and the warm water helped as well. Hang in there, you're body will eventually clue in and stop producing! :)

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When I weaned myself off from pumping, I wore really tight sports bras for about two weeks, even at night. It helped with the discomfort and didn't give any room for expansion. I also switch my bc to a regular pill from a mini pill. This helped me.

At one point while I was BFing a lactation consultant had told me  that antihistamines will dry up your milk. That is why you are not supposed to take them regularly when you are breast feeding. It may help to try some if you happen to have a head cold too.  Good luck.

Desiree - posted on 01/31/2009




use a tensor bandage and wrap your breasts every mornig and leave it like that till you go to bed at night for a week and it will be gone

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