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Kat - posted on 12/08/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I recently night weaned. Does this affect and diminish my day time supply? Do you need to pump at night? Also i am going away for an overnight. I have NEVER done this before. Do you need to pump when i would reguraly nurse? Say naptime and bedtime and in the morning? Or should i just wait until i feel tenderness in lavern and shirly( hehe that has always been their names. Thought i would share a part of how silly i truly am. :)

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Shauna - posted on 12/13/2011




Haha, love the names! Yes, pump when you usually bf during the day and btwn 3-5 am (but if you really would like to sleep in, skipping pumping for 1 night should be fine). It should NOT diminish your day time supply but your cycle could come back soon so make sure there is a form of birth control there. My period came back right after I stopped night feeding.

Kat - posted on 12/13/2011




Lise- He use to nurse on demand through night until a month ago. Now i am letting him nurse between 3-5am.

Lise - posted on 12/08/2011




Well, if you are night weaned, your milk isn't getting removed at night anymore, right? If not, you shouldn't need to pump at night.

If you want to maintain your supply, then I would pump when your lo usually nurses.

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