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I'm feeling ready to be done breastfeeding, but my 14 month old seems very resistent to that idea. I know, I know many people will say well he's not ready...but I am feeling so exhausted. I feel like a dairy cow. I'm trying to cut back on day time feedings, but once he makes up his mind that he wants to nurse, he will bury his face in my chest and pinch my boob and makes it very clear he won't take no for an answer. I feel like I can't ever get a break and it makes it difficult to have nights out. He has never taken a pacifier and I never gave him bottles either. I was looking for any advice anyone might have on how to get him off the boob! Lol, the more I type, the more I realize I'm probably stuck waiting it out.


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I never gave either of my girls pacifiers or bottles except on an emergency basis. Which total was probably less than 4 times. I breastfed my first girl until 15.5 months and my second until 16.5 months. As a mother sometimes you are ready a little bit before your little one. I think you're doing great. I started with the daytime feedings too and this may take him a while to get used to and he'll probably cry a lot over the course of the next week especially. I started with the non-nnptime feedings. First I took out one nursing and then another until both my girls were down to strictly naptime and bedtime nursings...then I made sure they were only taking one long nap a day instead of two smaller ones. Once you get him down to one naptime nursing during the day, then you can cut that one out and rock him to sleep, he'll fuss and cry and pinch at you. Keep your shirt on and let him bury his face next to you. Let him know you're still there and he's still safe but that your breasts for now are off limits. Then start on the nighttime nursing. Get him down to only nighttime nursing and then take away his going to bed nursing. Once he gets used to not feeding to go to bed you'll have it made and will only have to nurse him if he wakes up at night and eventually that will stop too! Good Luck and feel free to message me if you still need advice or just some encouragement!


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How weaning happens is a great book to understand a bit more about what is going on. I also really like the quote, "Weaning doesn't make your baby need you less, it just gives you one less tool to meet their needs". Often moms find that if they can cut out one or two of the more frustrating nursing sessions it is enough to feel good about continuing. They do grow up so so fast and all babies wean eventually. YOu will be happy you waited until your baby was really ready. If you want to find local support check out www.llli.org for your local la leche league. Good luck. YOu have a lucky baby!!

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Thanks ladies :) After reading your responses I am feeling a ton better and that it is manageable.

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dont feel bad my daughter is about to bE 2 and still breast feeds. it doesget better but shes not interested in stopping. she took a bottle untill i stopped pumping. then took a sippee for a short while but now refuses. she does drink from a normal cup which is nice. i have a feeling weaning her is going to be a bigger challange than potty training

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Never used a bottle or a pacifier either. One stopped at 18 months, one stopped at 2 years. I also cut down to first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I kept the last thing at night going for a long time - I used to wake my babies up for a last feed as I went to bed to get a better and longer night's sleep for me :)

I also comfort fed after disasters! (ie - scares, tumbles etc)

In both instances the stop was managed in two ways.
1. All drinks offered in a sippy cup. There's no feeling of substitution with one of these. Also - it takes away the need to assume the nursing position when offering the drink so there is less confusion. I also did this when I was tailing off feeding.

2. I went away for a couple of days! Left the baby with doting grandparents and that kind of broke the habit! My babies were very articulate and so understood things like.. " your're a big girl now" etc.

Finally, if you're getting this much resistance, are you sure it's the right time. Mine were fairly easily moved off and didn't try to resist, just needed a distraction.

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