weening at 19 months, need advice!

Laurel - posted on 04/06/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a stay at home mom who is returning to work in two weeks. My daughter is 19 months, and is down to two feedings, one at nap time, and one in the middle of the night where she wakes up and comes out of her crib and sleeps the rest of the night in bed with us and nurses periodically for the rest of the night. Although these are her only two feedings, she is very attached to them (especially the night time ones) 2and uses them to get to sleep.
I will be working full time while dad stays home with Villa (my daughter), and waking up very early. I want to try to wean her before I return to work, as I don't want to be sleep deprived from late night feedings (usually I use her afternoon nap as a chance to nap myself and catch up on sleep I missed the night before).
I guess I need advice on two things. First of all, does anyone think it is possible/ have experience with weening in as short a time as two weeks? I didn't want to do it this quickly, but I unexpectedly landed a great job and I am worried that I will fall asleep at work if I can't get her to sleep through the night.
Second of all, Does anyone have advice about how to get a kid to fall asleep when they are used to nursing at night? She falls asleep fine by herself at first, but then wakes up at around 2 am and is used to nursing to go back to sleep, and I think she feels like she doesn't know how to go back to sleep by herself. She will get REALLY mad if you try to give her a bottle instead of the breast, and screams when my fiancée tries to comfort her until she gets what she wants. Also, we have a house-mate, so letting her cry it out is not really an option.
We are running out of ideas and time, so any advice would be really appreciated!


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Celeste - posted on 04/07/2011




I'd try to nightwean. My twin boys used to wake up at least 3-4x's a night, and never at the same time. I used Dr. Gordon's nightweaning method:

-You really don't have to wean the during the day one. Many toddlers will do fine especially since you're at work. If you'd still like to continue, you can nurse while you're together.

If you do want to wean though, I'm not really sure how to wean from the nap time one..Hopefully someone will chime in.

Sara - posted on 04/06/2011




2 weeks?????? eeek that is such a short time.. I'm unsure of a success rate. I totally understand about the not letting her cry and the stubboness about how she falls asleep as mine is the same. have you tried to sleep feed her before 2am? The afternoon feed she will just have to learn to live without it and tbh you won't be there and i'm sure after a couple of days she will realise that no amount of crying screaming or performing won't get what she wants and thereafter she might be the same in the night too.. sorry I can't be of more help . Congrats on the job though

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