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I am not very proud of this, but yesterday I sat down in the glider with my 7 month old and began nursing her like I always do. She has bit me quite a few times since her two bottom teeth have come in and Ive broken the latch and firmly told her NO, all the while holding back the tears from the pain. No matter how much I cut her nails and file them she still pinchs and scratchs the shit out of me while nursing on the side of the boob, it hurts! She is still doing this almost a month later. Well yesterday she got me unexpently and extremely hard, I accidently smack her on the cheek a little bit to hard. It left a red mark for a while. I am scared of doing this again. I have been tossing around the idea of weining for a while now, I need to go back to work also. This accident just tipped the ice burg and I am ready to wein her. She won't take a bottle but is fully sippy cup trained. I just spent an hour pumping and got one ounze.

How do I go about this ladies?? Please help!


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Totally agree with the other mom, One other thing to try and do when the baby bites, is actually pull them in closer so your boob kind of goes over the nose a bit, which causes them to release the nipple. But only pull them in then out, don't hold them up there, because you could suffocate them.

Also if that doesn't work, stick your pinky in their mouth to get them to release and or loosen up so you can pop them off. And say in a calm voice "no, no, bitting hurt." And either go back to nursing or put them in a swing, or something that doesn't make a big deal about what just happened.

Babes do this to get a reaction from you, and to also try out there new teeth, they are not doing this intentionally, so don't take offense, grab a pillow and squeeze it, let your frustrations out somewere else not on the babe. But I totally know how you feel, my son has gotten me really good a few times, but he only did this a few times when he got his new teeth, maybe twice, and then a couple times when he fell asleep, and had all his teeth, at that point I called my husband to help get jaws off, because the boy was completely out.

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Okay well firstly i know it hurts but you should never hit your childs face or head region i know it was an automatic reaction and the biting does hurt but slap the wall not your child. Now having said that to your problem my daughter also bites and scratches me when she feeds and she is 14 months old what i do to stop her scratching me is hold her hand with the other one tuck it under your arm so she cant get to you. As for the biting the way i stopped my daughter was to take her off the boob and put her on the floor and tell them "MUMMY SAYS NO BITING!" in a stern voice walk away they will kick and scream and go off but they learn fast believe me especially if you are persistant and firm it worked with both of mine. To make you feel better my son bit me that hard he drew blood on my nipple that was the day i gave up feeding him but he was 15 months old to so he didn't need it anymore.

In saying all that if you are ready to go back to work and want to wein her give her the sippy cup full of milk spend the extra bit of money to get a electric breast pump it is worth your while let me tell you manual pumps only result in sore nipples and a waiste of time. When i used a electric breast pump i got a whole bottle out in no time at all maybe an hour at the most depending on how stressed i was. You could also try different teats on the bottles or seeing if she will take the bottle for someone else but you some babies look at mum for breast milk cause it's all they know.

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