What are the cons of [pumping milk and giving them a bottle] and [full blown breastfeeding] at the same time? ...Are there any pros?


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Nakita - posted on 06/27/2015




For me the biggest cons have been the lack of sleep and the fact that I didn't allow my supply to build quite enough before switching from nursing.

With time and effort both of these issues have worked themselves out.

But the biggest pro is that I and am able to continue giving my baby breast milk. We had a horrible time, I won't bore you, and bottom line I would have given up by now if not for pumping. All the tears and stress start to get to you. I supplemented far more when I was nursing than I have had to since I started EPing

Do some research before you make the decision.

Celeste - posted on 06/23/2015




Nursing is so much easier than pumping, in my experience. No need to wash bottles or pump parts. You don't have to worry about pump output-pump output does NOT tell you how much you're producing. While you don't know how much they are getting, the best way to know that your baby is getting enough is by diaper output. Plus, breastmilk will make antibodies if need be by baby's saliva directly on the breast.

Pros to pumping I would imagine is that other people can help feed the baby. You would know how much baby is taking. You can pump if you don't feel comfortable with nursing in public

Here's a good article explaining the differences between nursing directly at the breast vs exclusively pumping.

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