what can I do about alot of milk production

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my son is only 12 days old my boobs are so full of milk so I pump in the morning and at night to relieve them. but when I'm nursing him it seems like he is sucking down really fast and he seems uncomfortable. I almost gave up today and just gave him formula but I changed my mind , and my nipples were hurting they felt like they were being pinched every time he sucked. this is my second child but the first I'm breastfeeding I really want to stick to it but it seems so challenging.


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The pinching feeling sounds like maybe he's not latching deep enough into his mouth. Please see a lactation consultant to help you with this issue if you cannot help to encourage him to latch deeper yourself. My daughter did the shallow latch the first few days and it was super pinchy and ouchie. I would gently help her open wider and squeeze some more of my breast in there to get a proper latch.

As for your over production, don't let yourself get engorged, that can cause plugged ducts and all kinds of discomfort. Pump if you need to be more comfortable and just bank the milk in your freezer for later. If you end up with a large supply you can even donate it.

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Sounds like overactive letdown. There are a few things that you can do.. First, I would stop pumping. You're going to exacerbate the problem because you're telling your breasts that you need more milk. Milk supply works on supply and demand.

Here's a link to help with OALD

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Good on you :) unfortunately theres not much u can do for excessive milk supply but express yr milk an refrigerate if yr son is making lots of noises while feeding he's obviously enjoying yr milk but if yr nipples r starting to ache hes not attaching himself properly i breastfeed my daughter till she was 10 months but my son did the same as u so i expressed for the first three months to give him the best start an yep u feel like a cow :)

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