What happens if you are breastfeeding and you get pregnant?

Michelle - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




If you are still breastfeeding your first child and you fall pregnant, what happens to your milk? Can you breastfeed 2 children? Does the second baby get the colostrum?


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I am pregnant with my third child and i was breast feeding my second child until i was advised by the doctor to stop in order to give my body time to produce colostrum for my newborn. By breastfeeding while pregnant you are putting added strain on your body to function and provide for 3 of different stages. I have stopped breast feeding my 8 month old and put him on formula now that i only have a few months left of my pregnancy. I did this for two reasons; 1 - so my body has enough time to prepare for the birth and provide as much nutrition to my unborn child as possible since unborn babies grow faster in the last few months and need as much nutrition from the mother as possible (thats why we feel tired and drained in the later stage of the pregnancy, because the unborn baby literally takes all the nutrition it can find from your body) and the 2nd reason i chose to stop breast feeding my son now is because i dont want him asociating the sudden change of not being breast fed to his new little sibling. Hope that helps and good luck with it :-)

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helo amaichelle,

i know about a number of mums who keep breast feeding, one kept breastfeeeding until she was 6months pregnant while another kept breastfeeding until she gave birth and breast fed both babies. the cholestrum issue is my question too.

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You can keep breastfeeding. Some woman may have supply issues, but normally you can keep going. When you get closer to labor your milk does turn back into colostrum. It's perfectly fine for your first baby to drink that again. Some babies wean during the time that the milk has turned back into colostrum because of the change in taste, but they may return to breastfeeding when your milk comes back if you keep offering. More info:


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it depends on you, your body, the baby you pregnant with and the child nursing. ask your obgyn and if you feel fine and the lil bean is doing fine then keep nursing. But by the time you baby is born I would wean your other so there won't be competition or jealousy. good luck!

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i did hear that some women can dry up, but for others the milk just turns back into colostrum. i 'heard' that around the 4th or 5th month of pregnancy is usually the turning point in which either you dry up or start producing the colostrum. (although i am sure it is different for different women but 4-5 months is avg)

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Tandem nursing is very common. Nursing two babies. And i look forward to doing it myself.

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