what is the best way to keep up your milk supply

Nicole - posted on 09/28/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I never breastfeed with my first child but i did with my second and was only able to for about 2months and now im starting to produce less and less with my 3rd child...any tips on what to do???


Terri - posted on 09/28/2010




i had the same problem. i was told to drink more water...if your fluid intake is down your milk supply will be as well. I make it a habit of drink a glass of water everytime I pump (couldnt actuly nurse do to medical issues) and the recommented 8 glassed. With in 4 hours I was back up to producing a full feed. Good Luck and dont give up.
P.S. I also just learned that if you drink caffine that you need to drink the eqivalent in water.


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I found the water doesnt help me. I drink up to 11 glasses or more in a day before I even breast fed, but I also dont drink anything but that besides milk, my supply was becoming less and less and I talked to my doctor and health nurse about it. I tried pumping inbetween feedings to increase it, it helped some, but once my son started getting his teeth in he started and still bites alot, I went down to like nothing, so my doctor advised me to just pump the milk to feed him and he perscribed me Domperidone! He told me to take 1pill 4 times a day I however only take 2 pills in a day.
But the best thing to do is drink alot and eat three healthy meals a day and dont stress over it. the stress will slow the flow. Thats what my health nurse says to me.
stick with it. :)

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Why do you think your supply is low? Remember that baby's behavior, the feel of your breasts and the amount you pump are not good indicators of supply. The best way to tell if baby is getting enough is by output. How many wet/dirty diapers does your baby have in a day? 6+ means baby is getting plenty. Nurse on demand. Depending on the age of your baby this could be every hour or two for the first few months. As long as you nurse your baby on demand you will make what baby needs. Check this thread out for more info about supply:

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