What's with all the grunting??

Rachel - posted on 09/19/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5wo has become so loud! Whenever I put her in her bassinett she grunts and 'yells' .. sometimes even when she is asleep. If we pick her up the grunting stops immediately. She does this even with a clean diaper and full belly (and after burping so I'm not sure it's gas). Have other mammas experienced this? It's so loud that my hubby and I can't get to sleep (and I worry about how much sleep she is getting too). I don't know if she is grunting because she is uncomfortable or is just in loud protest of not being held. Your replies are appreciated! :)


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Lori - posted on 09/21/2012




Could be just in protest of not being held. A newborn is programed to want to be held ALOT. And they want to be near Mom at all times.

Do you carry her around in a sling or other baby carrier at all during the day?

I'm assuming the bassinet is in your bedroom. Is it close enough to your bed that you can reach over and put a hand on her? Sometimes even just a light touch may be enough to settle her down. You may want to consider doing a sidecar crib. (basically you attach a bassinet or crib to the side of your bed). This gives baby her own space to sleep, but that space is right next to Mom, which is where baby wants to be. I can find a video on how to side car a crib for you if you're interested. It also makes breastfeeding during the night much easier. You don't have to get up to get your baby, then nurse her, then put her back down. You roll over, scoot baby into position, nurse, and both of you go back to sleep.

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