What's wrong with my breastfed baby? Long post

Michelle - posted on 10/10/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




Since my daughter was born she has always been fussy and at once extremely colic for about 3 to 4 months. Finally she outgrew the colic but has still been fussy and difficult to soothe even still at 5 ½ months. I’ve told her doctor and they assure me this is normal baby activity but sometimes she will just cry and cry and cry some more until her head gets so red she looks like she’s about to explode. I feel terrible as a mother because I can’t help her and I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve always thought it’s been the medications I take being excreted into her diet of only expressed breast milk, but over and over I’m assured by my OB/GYN the medications don’t pass into the milk.

However my general doctor will tell me he thought these meds did pass through but then he will say there the experts and listen to them only. I take a cocktail of drugs including Advair, Sudafed at times, and Zytrec for allergies and asthma, nose sprays, codeine and Norco’s daily, and just recently antibiotics for an infection. At one point I was convinced contrary to what doctors said these medicines were getting through to my exclusively breastfed baby, but doctors assured me they weren’t and even so breastfeeding was still best. At one time I took 2 fish oil gels and seen the same liquid in those vitamins clearly excreted into my breast milk just an hour later. I think this needs be studied more so women who take medications can make the best possible decision for their baby. Any other women take many medications and have the same problems?

My baby has been so angry lately and is always fighting bedtime. My mother is even getting annoyed and exhausted and she is my only babysitter and I need her. Should I try switching my baby to formula now that she is getting close to 6 months old? I’m just so anti-formula because of how the doctors and society have made me think. Recently I tried Similac organic the only formula she would take and she loved it and gulped it down, her eyes even widened at the taste of all that sugar. It just makes me feel terrible I can’t stop taking these meds nor can I figure out what the problem is. I’m also sleeping for about a total of 5 hours a day, I can’t adjust to her ever changing sleep patterns.


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Mary - posted on 10/11/2012




I have read that doctors are not trained either on the medicines or very much on breastfeeding in medical school. Don't take what the doctor says as true just because he's the "expert". He isn't. The resources from Celeste look helpful. Another resource would be your local La Leche League group (llli.org has listings for local groups). At least one of the leaders in my group has a book about medications during breastfeeding.

You could also consider food sensitivities as a cause.

"cry and cry and cry" is NOT NORMAL BABY BEHAVIOUR. I don't care how many doctors say it is. But, until you get this figured out, have you tried baby-wearing. It is really comforting for babies, and may help her. Check out www.mobywrap.com, and there are lots of others.

Kimberly - posted on 10/11/2012




Ok I am no doctor to start off with but when I had an infection with my daughter the chemist told me to watch her cause the meds would go through my milk and could cause thrush in her mouth( because of being anti biodics) I was also told I had pnd and told to go on meds which were safe to use during breastfeeding but they told me straight out that some of it would pass through my milk so the feed I gave after taking them would be given to her, only a small amount but still I chose not to take them. I know for a fact that codien does pass through, check the labels on the meds to see if it has warnings about the product and if they are for breastfeeding or pregnant women. I would also talk to a chemist as they know the most about the drugs. I know breastfeeding is best for our baby's but if she is getting a cocktail of meds in them its probally not best for her. I am due to have my second in a few weeks and I will have to go back on meds for dnp and have already made the choice that for that one feed after I take my meds I will have to give either a exspressed bottle that was done before meds or formula so my little one doesnt get the meds, they said it stays in my system for about 4 hours after. I know its probally not the answer you want to hear but sometimes we have to my choices that are best for our babies even if it breaks are hearts to do it

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