What signs did you have when you were pregnant while breastfeeding? I think I'm pregnant: I'll tell you mine, tell me what you think!

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I finally got my first postpartum period on April 9, when my daughter was 9 months old. I had my second one on May 9. My cycles seem to be just as regular as before (30 days). My husband and I want another baby, so we've been trying... :)

Anyways, I took an ovulation test on Wednesday the 22, and it was positive. I had been feeling ovulation symptoms since the day before, so I wasn't surprised. I took another ovulation test on Thursday the 23 and it was negative. So i know when I had my surge, and according to the symptoms and signs I had I must have ovulated somewhere on the 23 or 24. Obviously we made love way before and during to make sure we wouldn't miss anything! :-)

Anyways, 6 or 7 days after ovulation (May 30-31) I had very light spotting...it was nothing big, just a few drops I noticed on toilet paper---dark brown, almost black, and the next morning light brownish pink. I had cramping and hot flashes while it happened too. Then nothing.

Now I should be getting my period on Saturday, June 7. I've had tender breasts, (when I'm done nursing they hurt a lot.... it's very uncomfortable, even painful :( ) and I've also been cramping (uterine) while and after I'm done nursing my daughter. I'm feeling like I'm pms-ing a bit, but I don't know...I don't really have the cramps like my period is coming, like I usually do. I'm very bloated and got tons of white discharge though. It's hard to tell!! :S

So?! I tested today and it was negative...I'll test again in a few days. What were your symptoms?


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You could be pregnant, the only way to be sure is to wait and see if you get your period, and take a pregnancy test if you don't.
I had about 6 months of thinking I was pregnant every month before it actually happened. I knew I ovulated and "felt" pregnant, only to get my period. I even thought I had a few miscarriages when I actually just was getting a normal period. It took about 6-7 months of this before I actually got a positive test, and then I did have an actually miscarriage at 5 weeks (1 week after missed period). The next month I went on to become pregnant, and I'm now 20 weeks. I was so happy to be able to become pregnant while still nursing, we want our kids to be close in age. Those few months of wanting to become pregnant and not being able to were very hard, though. Not that I didn't want my first, but it was so easy to get pregnant the first time, I feel like I want this baby so much more, because it didn't happen right away.
Getting your fertility back after birth is different for everyone. You can't rely on what your doctor says, or what someone elses experience was, and it can be frustrating. Not knowing exactly whats going on inside your body, you just have to trust that everything will happen when you are ready.
I hope you are pregnant! Don't get discouraged if you're not, it will happen when your body is ready:)

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