what to do? my baby has horrible gas!

Brie - posted on 04/20/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




My son is nursed 90% of the time, other times he gets a bottle of pumped breastmilk or sometimes formula. He is almost 8 weeks and and the past 2 days has had horrible gas!

He has painful cries and seems to be unable to sleep more than a half hour max. Sucking seems to help him but i can't keep him on a boob all day and he doesn't always hold the pacifier in his mouth.

We've been giving him the mylicon drops and tried burping him. Any ideas? I cut out dairy a few weeks ago because i thought it was causing his spit-up...but this is an entirely new thing.


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Alvina - posted on 11/19/2016




I was massaging my baby's tummy, using gas drops and gripe water to relieve his gas pain but not much difference. A friend told me about a tea Babies magic tea. With two to three times giving him this tea in his formula we observed much improvement.

Andrea - posted on 04/23/2012




I also has a son go through this when I was nursing. It was a dairy problem for him, but I know sometimes it is other things in different cases. It may be just some gassy foods that you have eaten that he is having a hard time digesting. My son had a difficulty with digesting the milk protein, not the lactose like most kids have difficulties with. I cut Dairy out of my diet. (took weeks to fully come out of my body and stop being transfered to him, but I did notice an improvement within a few days. I also learned two invaluable tricks that helped him so much in the mean time. My doctor showed me that by burping him on my right shoulder( I am right-handed) and tipping him slightly to your right ( babies left) It allows the air that may be trapped at the top of his stomache to escape easier. The tube is not located in the middle of the stomache it is on the side, and this can trap air in the top of the stomache. ( look at a diagram of the human anatomy if that is confusing). Also we learned how to lay him on his back and practise a lift and pump action that released his lower abdominal gas. It is important to do that properly, so as not to hurt your baby! You lift their legs and slowly pump them in towards their chest. After I learned that trick, I am not kidding, my son would pass gas about 30 times after each time he ate! It helped relieve the pain and cramps from the gas so much, and he was back to his happy normal self again! Best wishes as you try to help your little one!

Amy - posted on 04/20/2012




Do not eat any broccoli , onions or Brussels sprouts , they will cause painfull gas for baby , it seeps through the breast milk . Also if you are changing your baby from breastmk to formula throughout the day try a gentle formula or even soy . Hope this helps

Lori - posted on 04/20/2012




And to add to what Heather said, if it is dairy it can take up to 4 weeks to get out of your system. So don't discount it yet if you only cut it out a few weeks ago. Also, make sure you're cutting ALL dairy out. When you start reading labels you'd be surprised at how many things contain dairy.

For example: Some bread, some hotdogs, some lunch meats, most chocolate, even things that are lactose free are not necessarily dairy free. Check out these links for additional help with a potential food allergy/sensitivity.



Louise - posted on 04/20/2012




Take him to the doctors and find out if he is suffering with reflux. My daughter had a rough time as a baby as she screamed in pain from wind after attempting to take milk. She ended up on Gaviscon powder in every feed and at 10 weeks she was started, with the advice of our doctor to start solids. She had half a teaspoon of baby rice before a big bottle which was enough to line her stomach and stop her spitting up and having gas. I must stress this was under medical supervision.

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