What was/is your daily feeding schedule (solids/nursing) with your 9 month old?

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My daughter is 9 months old going on 10 months on the 19th of January and I was wanting to know what your daily feeding schedule is/was with your baby including solids and nursing sessions at this age. She is my first and I just want to get a understanding on what a daily feeding schedule should look like at her age.

As of right now she nurses most throughout the day on demand. I'll give her earth's best organic(ebo) puffs/ebo graham crackers/ ebo organic snack bar for a snack or if I'm out and need to her hold off on nursing her until we get home from the grocery store or whatever. Sometimes if I'm eating a turkey sandwich I'll give her some turkey to chew on be because she seems interested in everything I eat. At night I'll give her a jar of ebo pureed baby food(she's crazy about fruits) for 6 months and up she'll normally eat a full jar and that's about all the solids I give her. I'm planning on feeding her until she weans naturally. Thanks for taking your time to read this. I look forward to reading y'alls posts :)


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At 9-10 months, my son was nursing on demand, and we were pretty random about solids -- sometimes twice a day, sometimes once, and sometimes none. Generally he had a morning meal -- scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and a fruit/veg, typically.

I guess it depends on the baby and their interest in solids. My son started eating twice a day everyday at 11 months or so. He started grabbing the stuff off our plates. Since 13 months, it has generally been 3 meals a day.

I would recommend offering your daughter more finger foods and mushy foods (at 9 months, she doesn't really need purees). If she loves fruit, bananas and avocados are great foods for babies and require no cooking/preparing. Just offer as finger food or mash it up.

Egg yolks (or just whole eggs if you have no family history of allergies), plain whole yogurt, meats, steamed veggies -- these are good foods for babies too.

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