When bottle is needed once in awhile

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I need to make dentist appt soon anyways I want to know best idea on what to do if my baby gets hungry I do not want her to cry with my husband I have a boob bottle the one close to looking a feeling like a boob. Anyways so I can get teeth clean hair cut ect what is best pump to buy when for those one in awhile times my husband needs to feed her or the best baby formula to use for baby once in awhile. She will be 3 month old on April. 18 do not want to spend over 100.00 dollars on breast pump. Thank-You for your help


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if i were you i wouldnt even consider buying a baby formula, even if it once in a while, especially with how young your little one is. try expressing first. personally, ive never got on too great with pumps and i just use my hand! its so much easier... and free!! give it a go, try and look on the internet there is lots of information and it is really easy. also, dont be put off if you cant express too much to start with, you dont normally get as much as your baby feeds when you express. i used to express a little, then freeze it, then express some more and add it to that freezer load. once defrosted make sure baby has it same day! bu seriously, if you start introducing formula now, even the odd bottle here and there can often lead to a cut down on breastfeeding!


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I have never had any luck with pumps -- manual or electric. I broke my friend's manual pump by pumping too hard -- and still, nothing was coming out. I bought an electric pump and can hardly get anything out of it either.

It's been much easier for me to hand express. If you aren't going back to work and just need the odd bottle, try expressing by hand! It's cheaper. :)

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I have a Lansinoh hand pump which worked great! plus it was only 30$. If you really don't need to pump often I think it is a great choice.

When my body stopped responding to pumping around 3 mo. I borrowed an electric pump and for me there was no difference. The electric pump did not do a better job at all. Really you only need one if you are working and need to express both sides at once.

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If you're not pumping very often than a manual pump would work just fine. I got mine for about $35. I have the Medela Harmony. I've never used an electric pump, but I've heard moms who've used both say they get more milk out with a manual.

The reason they don't recommend buying used open-system pumps (like Medela) is because milk can get into the motor and cause mold to grow. This can contamminate your milk. If you're going to buy used make sure it's a closed-system pump.

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Get a Madela - but get one one on craigslist or something. I know they say to not get them used, but there are no parts that actually touch the BM - so it's not really a big deal. But if not you can get a hand pump for pretty cheap - it just takes forever to pump anything. I agree with Charlotte, I wouldn't mess with formula considering breastfeeding is going so well for you.

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