When is the best time to pump breast milk?

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When is the best time to pump your breast milk? After a feeding? An hour after a feeding? When?

My concern is that I might pump and she might get hungry after I've already pumped out all the milk. I've heard that pumping in the morning is good. What about pumping right after?

Also, I've heard that the milk is different, and that there's "hind" milk or something that is at the end of a feeding. If I pump after a feeding, am I mostly pumping hind milk?

I want to pump so that if I ever want to see my friends ever again I can leave the house for more than two hours. My boyfriend wants me to pump because he doesn't like the fact that I'm the only one that can feed her. She's only had my pumped breast milk twice, when she had to stay in the hospital because of her billirubin levels, and when I graduated from college. She's about three weeks old.



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Until my daughter was 3 1/2 months old, I pumped after every feeding, it's the best time to pump breast milk. She used a nipple shield so I did it to empty my breasts. Since she has weaned herself from it, I only pump in the morning after she nurses since I have a LARGE amount. She sleeps 8-10 hours at night so I am extremely full in the mornings. I've been told by other people though, that regardless of the nipple shield, the best time to pump breast milk is after each feeding the first few months in order to ensure your breasts are empty and to help establish your supply.

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Don't worry about there not being any milk left. There will be. Your breasts are never truly empty, even after pumping. They are continuously making milk.

However.. here are a few things I do. I do find that in the morning I have a bigger supply. When my baby nurses overnight, I only feed her from the left side. Then when I wake up in the morning, I pump my right side and there's usually quite a bit to pump out. I also try to take advantage of any times that she only nurses on one side, or nurses mostly on one side. Then I pump the other side after she's done.

Yes, the milk at the end of the feed is hind milk. There's a gradual transition to the milk.. it starts out more watery, then gets creamier as the feed goes on. So yes if you pump after feeding, you may get more hindmilk. This isn't bad though. Just means it will have more fat in it than a normal feed where you get the whole range.

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i was told the best time to pump breast milk was about half hour after feed in morning so your getting the hind milk and fatty morning milk. babys are way better at getting milk out than pumps so even if you were to feed straight after you've pumped they will still get a feed

Aliya - posted on 05/22/2010




I found that after I wake I'm I crazy full of milk! So probably in the mornings is the best time to pump breast milk. When ur @ ur most fullest.

Valerie - posted on 05/22/2010




pump whenever you want or it is convenient for you...if she gets hungry give her the breast again and it will increase your milk supply more...if she is really unhappy you can let your boyfriend feed the bottle which is great for his bonding experience...congratulations on your graduation...all the best


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