When should I be pumping during my days?

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Hi All. Katie here, new to this website and appreciate any advice anyone may have. I'm at home with my 3 week old newborn and exclusively breastfeeding. I'm not sure when or how many times a day I should be pumping to ensure I can build up my milk supply for baby but also for future planning. I'm going back to work in another 5 weeks, so I need to start building up the milk supply.

I tried pumping this morning after nursing and one breast yielded about 1.5 oz and absolutely nothing came from the other breast, which was kind of a surprise (because yesterday that same breast yielded almost 6 oz while pumping). I want to make sure I'm doing everything right to yield sufficient milk for storage---to obviously increase my milk supply.

My husband bottle fed the baby breast milk last night for her 4 am feeding in order to give me some additional sleep, and now I'm not sure that was the best thing to do because it meant that baby wasn't sucking and creating more milk supply. She feeds every 2 hours or so, normal, and is producing enough diapers (both urine and poop) so I know she's getting enough, but I'm somewhat confused as to why I am getting mixed results when I pump. Appreciate your guidance!



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Above is a great site that covers a lot of information on pumping. Most moms only get 1-3 ounces per session not per breast. If you are concerned about your supply you could always pump in the middle of the night. My husband always did one feeding in the middle of the night when he got home from work. I usually woke up at some point in the night to pump to keep my supply up.

Everyone's body is different and it may take awhile before you're good at pumping. I found I could pump more after a nice warm shower. I also found it was easier to pump if I was drinking lots of water. You can always try hand expressions too I never mastered it but some women prefer it.


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Hiya! Boobs produce different amounts throughout the day but the most important pump/time to feed is the midnight 2am feed as your prolactin is at its highest ( hormone for milk production) If bubs ate off that breast you pumped from then sometimes you won't have any left. My LC told me to wait 15-20 min before pumping after a feed as the body should have started to replace what was taken. If you want to increase your supply apart from pumping you can also take herbal supplements. I've just started on the gaia lactate support based on the reviews from other mums and for me, well after 2 days I've noticed bubs is feeding better in the boob and I'm able to pump more.. so far an extra 50ml each pump! Not that I'm trying to sell it but it seems to work and I've tried a few..

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