When should I move my daughter from the pack n' play in our room to her crib in the nursery?

Holly Janelle - posted on 08/20/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 5 months as of the 19th and she is currently sleeping in a pack n'play by our bed. When would be a good time to move her into her crib in her room? I'm afraid if I wait too long than she is going to have a really hard time going to sleep on her own room and being away from mommy and daddy. I don't want to hurt her self-esteem if she cries and I don't hear her right away and for her to think that I don't think her feelings are important and my #1 priority(which they are); or for her to think we don't want her with us. I exclusively bf her also. When did you move your baby into their crib in their own room? Any advise on doing so? Did you have the same concerns? Thank you mommies for helping :)


Tera - posted on 08/21/2011




I was exactly the same! I exclusively breastfeed my 7 month old as well so I know the convenience of having them near! Everyone in my family thought I'd never move my baby into his room- I was convinced the monitor would break and it felt like miles in between us. I just waited until one day I felt like trying it, he was just over 6 months. I didn't force it because I believe if you have negative feelings about it baby will pick up on them. Just wait until you feel it's ok. The first night was hard, I put fans in, took fans out, put night lights on and off a million times before I felt it was suitable for my son! Eventually after a couple of nights it felt right and now it's second nature. I believe that as long as it feels wrong, wait! You'll sense when you're both ready, and then just ease your way into it. Let yourself know the pack n play is always still available if it doesn't go well, so there's no pressure. :)

Tanya - posted on 08/21/2011




Whenever you are all ready! :) My first was right next to my bed (part-time, the rest of the time he was in bed with me) until he was 9 months old, and then was across a large room from me until he was 2.5, when we each got our own rooms.

My second is 15.5 months, and is still right next to my bed (or in my bed), but sleeps in a room by himself when I work night shifts and he goes to my mom's house.

Jessica - posted on 08/21/2011




I moved my baby by about 6 weeks because she was sleeping really well, but all her sighs and rustlings were waking me up. I was also worried that I wouldn't hear her and it would wake up my toddler before me. It was an unfounded fear. I still wake up when she is just making little sounds, before the full on crying. But having said that, I have a very laid back baby this time around. She doesn't cry until she's really mad or upset.
As for the move, I just made sure the same blankets were moved along with her and she did just fine. My first daughter was a totally different scenario. She didn't end up in her room until she was almost a year old. We co-slept since she was a constant nurser. That was a very big struggle. We had to do a lot of controlled crying to finally get her to settle in her room. She is almost 3 now and we still have the odd nighttime battle, but overall she loves her big girl bed and sleeps well, once she goes to sleep. Good luck to you! :)


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