When to start introducing rice cereal to babies?

Marquetta - posted on 09/02/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I stuck between what the "Book" says and what my Mother who birthed 4 children and my Grandmother who birthed 11 children are telling me. They are telling me that I should give 3 month 3 week old baby rice cereal because he is hungry more often than he should be. He is eating every two hours...go figure. He is both breast and bottle formula fed. He was born a bigger baby, 9lbs, 6.7 oz. and is a bigger baby now. So I am wondering when other Mommies out there introduced rice cereal to there babies? And when, night time, bed time, all the time??? Help.


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Arlene - posted on 09/02/2009




Totally agree on the previous post. That was then, this is now: breastmilk/formula for the first six months EXCLUSIVELY; cereal is the least recommended solid for a baby; start with fruits and vegetables but only one at a time. Hope this article helps: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/firstfoods.html
Good luck!

Christina - posted on 09/02/2009




your mom and grandmother introduced cereal that early because that is what they used to think was necessary. we now know that a baby only needs breastmilk or formula for the first six months. then you can introduce cereal on a spoon, not in a bottle. my son was 9 lbs. 11 oz. at birth and we didn't introduce cereal until around six months and offered it as a meal. their needs change and they go through growth spurts where they need to eat more. there were times when my son nursed every hour. adding cereal to their bottle is not recommended because it messes with the mechanism that tells them they are full and causes them to ingest more calories than they need, which can lead to obesity later in life.

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