When to start pumping?

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I am having my little boy any day now and wondered when the right time to start pumping for when I go back to work would be? Any advice on how to go about doing that and when to start??


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Remember that any milk you pump will really just be 'back-up' milk as you'll be pumping at work for the next day. So it's not like you have to have a huge amount in the freezer in the first place. In the first four weeks or so you'll be establishing your milk supply. I really wouldn't mess around with that. Let your baby do all the work at the beginning and once all is working well between the two of you and your supply is well established, you can start pumping. Good luck!

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The lactation consultant told me to wait at least 6 weeks before pumping.


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i would start pumping when ur milk comes in ur boobs will b leaking anyway stick a pump on em prolly by day 3 or so but make sure ur not doing it before the baby is going to eat

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something else to keep in mind is that your milk is always changing as your baby grows to meet its need.

Milk you pumped @ 8 weeks pp, will most likely not sustain your 6 months like milk pumped at that time.

after you have the hang of breast feeding, you can pump to have some milk available for things like baby cereals, scrambled egg yokes etc when you baby starts solids ( this is what i used my older milk for ) and always used more recently pumped milk for bottles if i needed to be away from baby for a feed.

it will also really depend on how well you respond to a pump. not everyone lets down easily to artificial stimulation and can only get very little milk per session, so it could take someone a month to store enough for a week, and someone else 1 week to get enough for a week. but that you wont know till you start pumping lol

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I wouldn't even take a pump to hospital. Newborns feed often, but bear in mind their stomachs are only about the size of a marble, so they'll need all the milk you can produce until they can regulate your production. Concentrate on getting breastfeeding established. Then you can start pumping for when you go back to work.

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How long will you be able to take out of work? There are a few factors to take into consideration when making your decision
1. Milk can be kept in freezer for 3 mos and deep freeze for 6 mos (altho i gave milk to my kids that had been in freezer alot longer then that cuz it does not go bad it just starts to lose nutritional value)
2. You really should not introduce rubber nipples till between 6 and 8 weeks of age once BF is established to avoid nipple confusion and bad latches.
3. When your milk first comes in you often will have a plethura of milk and it is nice rich milk and great to have extra of so pumping starting a couple weeks in (if you are taking the 13 wks off and not 6mos-a yr off) may make your job easier becasue you can get more in a short period of time and train your body to give you extra to make it easier to pump a bottle or 2 a day without too much time or stress,
4. At first you may be too overwhelmed to do much pumping so you need to listen to your body and energy level to find the right time to start. I would make sure you have about 2-3 weeks of milk stored when you go back so you can adjust back to work and pumping more easily and with less stress. So basically yo should listen to yourself adn what feels comfy for you. Good luck and enjoy your new little bundle and have a wonderful labor and delivery. Good luck

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