When to start weaning?

Sarah - posted on 03/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 17 weeks old and watchers me like a hawk when I am eating, she also copies mouth movements when I'm chewing.

I've heard that at 17wks they can be introduced to watery cereals and that when they show interest in your eating they are ready?!

I'm Breast feeding and wasnt planning on starting to wean til at least 6-7months or anytime after that when she was ready.

I'm still planning on breastfeeding was just wondering when to start trying her with foods to give her tasters?

I'm unsure what to do?

Anyone have advice?


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Sarah - posted on 03/20/2010




if your baby is really curious and likes to join you at the table while you eat, sit her in a high chair with a plastic spoon and a bowl! i guarantee that'll keep her busy for a few meals. ;)

Crystal - posted on 03/20/2010




I talked with my doctor and the local nurses. Babies don't need anything but breast milk or formula until they are 6 months. Saying that I started my daughter on rice cereal at 5 months in an attempt to get her to sleep through the night. It didn't work. The main reason I was told to wait to introduce solids is because they are linking food allergies to being given food to early because babies digestive system are not ready for the foods yet.
I waited until Hailey was 6 months old and stared on puree food. She seemed to really enjoy it and so I started giving all kinds of flavors. She became very constipated, it was horrible. So I backed off and would only feed her one kind of food for 2 weeks. Since then we have had no problems with constipation. I have been told constipation is normal in babies, but I refuse to accept that.
I feel it is different for all babies, but I personally feel babies need time to grow and develop before being exposed to foods. You have all they need and it doesn't hinder there development to hold off on solid food.
I started with tasters and other snacks at 6 months as well.

Jacky - posted on 03/20/2010




HI there

Normally they say to wait until 6 months before introducing baby cereal. My youngest is 18 weeks and watches us eat too. That is a sign that your baby is getting curious about food....but I would not push it. Baby cereal really does not have too much nutrition in it, more so just a stepping stone to solid foods.

Just because you put your baby on solids does not mean you need to start weaning. My oldest was 11 months when I had to stop nursing and she still nursed 6 times a day!

Good luck!



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