Where do you find fernugreek and mother's milk tea at? How safe is it to use?

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I have a six month old son who is strictly breastfed. I am back to school full-time and I work too. I pump for him while I am away and there has been a couple of times where I thought I wasnt going to have enough milk for him, but I did thankfully. I have heard a lot of suggestions on trying these two things to help with your milk supply.(fernugreek and mothers milk tea) I think due to the stress of my last semester of college my milk supply has decreased because this is the first problem that I have had with this. It even makes it harder that I am the only person in my family to have ever breadtfed a child' My close family members are always questioning me why I do some much just to breastfed him and it because I know that it the best start in life that I can give him. I just started introducing pureed foods to him but he will nurse eight to ten times a day when I am home all day, So it is hard to keep up with pumping for a sometimes eight hour day, but so worth it. So any suggestions that moms might have to help I will greatly appreciate them.


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I had low supply problems I used fenugreek at first 3 pills 3x a day and it helped at each pumping session before I would get 1/2 oz and it went to 1&1/2 oz but it didn’t quite satisfy my baby and I had to top off with formula then I got "Healthy Nursing Tea" and I went from 1&1/2 to 3&1/2 oz.

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Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle work great in a combination! You can get them both at any natural health store. As for the Breast feeding Tea I found that Earthmomma's Tea's are the best you can purchase them online at www.earthenherbals.ca. You can also contact the owner for any concerns she was an avid member of LLL as well as a Dula. She knows what she is talking about!

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I take fenugreek. the only thing I don't like is that I always smell like maple syrup and you have to take 2-4 capsules 4 times a day. I got it at the Vitamin Shoppe for around $8.

I also hear eating oatmeal and lots of things with kerotine (sp?) like carrots helps your supply..

Stephanie - posted on 01/16/2010




I've taken Fenugreek for awhile and it works GREAT!! And its really safe....You can find it at any health food store.

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I have taken fenugreek capsules and have had no side effects. I have also taken Blessed thistle capsules. Both can be purchased at health stores and you need to take them with meals.

Nikole - posted on 01/16/2010




mothers milk tea is usually in the organic section of most grocery stores and is very safe and fenugreek you can get at most natural or health food stores fallow the direction. both are very safe when taken as recommened

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